Sunday, February 7, 2010

Back From The Beach!

The beach party last night was a blast! Great bands! Great DJ's! Haircuts! Hula hoops! What more could ask for?!?

KOKOMO PUNKS absolute destroyed. They formed the band for this party specifically and they really pulled it off well with only a handful of practices. They ripped through a dozen or so surf instrumentals and sounded huge while doing it. They even had trumpet on several songs. I was definitely impressed. They ended their set with an original and it seems like this band will be playing shows in the future.

MOTHER'S CHILDREN were laying low for a while and now they are back in full force with a brand new lp written and recorded and waiting to be released. They played a few new ones and some old favorites and were as great as always.

Thanks to everyone who came out! Videos by EVILHOMESTEREO

CAPITAL DISTRACTION will be putting on show/parties on the first Saturday of every month at Babylon. The next one will feature THE CREEPS & a reunion of THE MUGGINS who played tons of shows with THE CREEPS back in the early 2000's.

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