Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bastardator - Entrenched

Check out BASTARDATOR's music video for their songs ENTRENCHED. It was filmed at the war museum. The song rips really hard!

Friday, February 26, 2010

This is how it all went down.

MONDAY - The STEVE ADAMYK Band ripped hard. Played their entire discography which is a set of 3 singles, 1 of which is out now. Sounded really good. GO SEE THEM NEXT FRIDAY AT BORED TO DEATH! The PG-13's aren't really my thing at all. Played a pretty sloppy set. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS did their thing as usual. Played all the songs you expect to hear. Sucks watching that band played on a stage that big and no energy in the room. It was way better when they played RRPP.

TUESDAY - HOLY COBRAS opened up the show and absolutely killed it. They played in front of a  bunch of people who had never seen them before and I think they went over well. Played a new song that ripped and covered NO FUN which they put their own twist on. KURT VILE's first five songs were great then I started losing interest since I prefer upbeat and ideally wild performances. He played very well, it's just that I would rather sit at home and listen to the record.
Here's the new HOLY COBRAS song.

and here's KURT VILE playing Freak Train.

THURSDAY. YEAR ZERO are awesome. I love this band so much. So catchy and heartfelt. Cannot get enough. GO SEE THEM ON SATURDAY! YESTERDAY'S RING was not my thing at all. I found them uninteresting. I will admit that I'm not very familiar with LEATHERFACE. Their set last night made me want to change that. Several of the songs were incredible and put a huge smile on my face and blew me away. Drummer was killer.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Upcoming Shows!

This week is going to be absolutely insane.

Monday February 22nd.

So THE QUEERS had to cancel. It's not the end of the world. This was going to be my first time seeing them and I'm unphased because this show is still going to be amazing! OFF WITH THEIR HEADS from Minneapolis are playing! You may have seen them at Capital opening for Bouncing Souls or maybe you made it to their secret set at ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY later that same evening. This band always puts on a good show and gets people flipping out and singing along to some of the most energetic songs you'll hear that are about killing yourself and every other negative thought you may ever have. Also opening are THE PG-13'S this time with a new line up that you'll have to come and see for yourself. Opening the whole shebang is STEVE ADAMYK. I am very excited about this. This is the first show for the new incarnation of STEVE ADAMYK which features Davey (Male Nurse, Mother's Children, etc) on bass and Dav.e (Fucking Machines, Sedatives, etc) on drums. Steve released an amazing single on P.TRASH a couple of weeks ago and has another single on the way on RED LOUNGE records which are both in Germany. Germans know their quality punk rock and this is definitely no exception.

The show is now 10 dollars and if you show up with your QUEERS ticket you get 3 dollars at the door which you should immediately add a couple of bucks to and go buy a record from one of these bands. MAVERICK'S. 8 pm. 19+.

Tuesday February 23rd

KURT VILE will be making his Ottawa debut along with his backing band THE VIOLATORS. If you aren't familiar with him he plays at times pretty laid back spacey folk pop songs and other times pretty upbeat raging psych jams. He's put out records on WOODSIST as well as the enormous indie MATADOR that has just released his latest record at the end of 2009. Take a listen to his stuff and I'm sure you'll be intrigue and will want to come check it out. Opening the show is HOLY COBRAS who have been pretty busy as of late. They've been playing a lot of shows out of town, recording and getting tighter and tighter and better and better in the process. The current line-up has come together very well and they have been delivering some great hard hitting stuff as of late. This show is taking place at BABYLON. 9pm. $8. 19+.

Thursday February 25th.

I don't know what I should write about LEATHERFACE. They are a highly influential band that is probably either directly or indirectly the reason why the bands that are opening are even playing punk rock in the first place. Opening are several bands that all sound different but will come together to make a great show. YESTERDAY'S RING are a band from Montreal featuring several members of the SAINTE-CATHERINES who played country influenced rock n' roll, LEMURIA who play beautiful upbeat punk with female vocals, YEAR ZERO who are local darlings who have been delivering some great catchy punk rock in the vein of NILS/DOUGHBOYS  & I REFUSE who play late 90's emo/hardcore. BABYLON. $12. 8pm. 19+.

Saturday February 27th.
CHRIS PAGE is releasing a new CD/LP on SAVED BY VINYL records. To commemorate he is being joined by his band CAMP RADIO & YEAR ZERO who will be playing at the DOM POLSKI HALL on Waverley for an ALL AGES show. Bring ID to get a bracelet to drink. Doors are at 8 pm. $8. This show will rule.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Year Zero Song!

YEAR ZERO has just posted a new song for your listening pleasure. It's called "Linen" and will appear on a 12" which will feature brand new songs on the A side and the "No Tongue For Eros" tape which originally came out on BRUISED TONGUE records will be on the B side. This record will be out on SHOOTING AT DECOY records in North America and on P.TRASH in Europe.

They have a couple of big shows coming up.

Thursday February 25th with LEATHERFACE, YESTERDAY'S RING, LEMURIA & I REFUSE at Babylon.


Saturday February 27th with CHRIS PAGE & CAMP RADIO at Dom Polski Hall.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Back From The Beach!

The beach party last night was a blast! Great bands! Great DJ's! Haircuts! Hula hoops! What more could ask for?!?

KOKOMO PUNKS absolute destroyed. They formed the band for this party specifically and they really pulled it off well with only a handful of practices. They ripped through a dozen or so surf instrumentals and sounded huge while doing it. They even had trumpet on several songs. I was definitely impressed. They ended their set with an original and it seems like this band will be playing shows in the future.

MOTHER'S CHILDREN were laying low for a while and now they are back in full force with a brand new lp written and recorded and waiting to be released. They played a few new ones and some old favorites and were as great as always.

Thanks to everyone who came out! Videos by EVILHOMESTEREO

CAPITAL DISTRACTION will be putting on show/parties on the first Saturday of every month at Babylon. The next one will feature THE CREEPS & a reunion of THE MUGGINS who played tons of shows with THE CREEPS back in the early 2000's.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So last week was pretty bonkers. I went to 4 shows in 4 nights and it broke my brain.

The first of the four was RED MASS & TOTAL CRUSH at RRPP.

I really enjoyed TOTAL CRUSH once again. They played a short and straight to the point set. Super catchy and pretty songs masked under layers of feedback and noise with a drum machine backing it all up. I'd be interested in hearing some recorded material and hopefully it comes soon.

I had seen RED MASS this summer and thought they were pretty good. This show was much better. They tore through song after song and they all ripped. Seems like most of the songs were new ones so I'm really looking forward to hearing whatever releases they'll be out on. They have put out a lot of stuff lately and they are hard to keep track of but I definitely like the direction they are going in.

Check out a bunch of pictures by PAUL GALIPEAU by clicking HERE.
You can see pictures taken by DAVE FORCIER by clicking HERE.

On Friday I went to 2 different shows but only caught 1/2 of each. The first was METZ at Babylon playing an incredibly weird Architecture Club thing where they (the AC) were releasing a t-shirt and a zine. I don't get it either. Regardless, METZ came on an absolutely destroyed. I've seen this band several times and they only get better and better. They are so tight and loud and perfect it hurts. They've definitely outgrown the YOUNG WIDOWS comparison that would have plagued them. They've found their own kind of sound and are running with it. Can't wait to hear the third of their three seven inches coming out on WE ARE BUSY BODIES records. Pick up the first two immediately.

I then hopped in a van and drove to Wakefield for WAKE UP WAKEFIELD 3. I missed SUPPOSITORIES & THE BAND WHOSE NAME IS A SYMBOL but I got there just as GUNSMOKE was setting up. They ripped it up as usual to an appreciative crowd peppered with the old man regulars who were having a field day gropping anything they laid their eyes on and trying to stake their territory. Pretty shitty and make for a weird atmosphere at times but generally the good times prevailed. YEAR ZERO headlined and played a great set that was marred only when some old man was being a dick "in the pit" and Brad & Tim had to throw down their instruments and regulate. Bogus.

The next night was a night of effects pedals and noise and insanity at 854 BRONSON. SELF-SURGERY started off with a noise set that blended into a short TOTAL CRUSH set. GET A LIFE LOSERS played next and were really great. I really like this band and they were even better than they were the first time I saw them 3 weeks prior. The TONSTARTSSBANDHT set was marred by technical difficulties and BLACK FEELINGS weren't as impressive as they had been when I saw them at Irene's back in October. A lot of people were really into them so what do I know? The night ended with a 90's dance party which ruled!

The final night was a Sunday night house show. The sidewalks were ice rinks yet the TOUGH TIMES house was crammed full of people. I missed THE DIRTY NUNS but got there in time for YEAR ZERO to play an underwhelming set which was unfortunate. PREVENGE sounded really good but I had to stay in the kitchen since the room was so packed. I missed their tourmates DIG IT UP because I was done with loud music after such a long week.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Back To The Beach!

On Saturday February 6th, we're heading BACK TO THE BEACH! We can't make winter go away but we can at least spend one night pretending it's summer. We're going to get rid of those winter blues with some red hot music courtesy of MOTHER'S CHILDREN & KOKOMO PUNKS (ex and current members of WHITE WIRES, GUNSMOKE, THE ROOKERS & BEACH BLANKETS playing some classic surf!) I overheard these guys practicing last week and they sounded amazing! I'm very excited to see them play.
DJ's Auntie Loo & Barbarella will be spinning some fun garage and 60's pop and anything in between that will get you shaking, groovin' and hula hoopin'!

February 6th 2010
Babylon Nightclub
317 Bank St.

Doors at 10 pm.
5 dollars.

Bring your friends! Have fun! We're going back to the beach!