Saturday, January 23, 2010


"Montreals Black Feelings will be making their second appearance in Ottawa on saturday the 23rd. If you missed their first show at Irene's Pub, and were kicking yourself for it, don't worry about. Along for the ride are Tonstartssbandht.

854 Bronson
doors 8pm
Entrance at front! Seriously don't come to the back door, you won't be let in.
Bring slippers or indoor shoes, all boots will be confiscated at the door!

Black Feelings (Alien8, Blue Skies Turn Black)
They will envelop you like the darkness of space. A wall of growling low-end stands before you, as a voice yells through you. Telling you of your past, present, and future in half words. Driving rythms carry your thoughts away as tones swell, leaving you naked as the night.

High Rise II
Tribute band to Mainliner and High Rise, featuring Jesse Hickson the bassaphone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonstartssbandht (Psychic Handshake, Does Are)
These brothers have walked through a summers rain to bring us a message from an imaginary counrty. Hailing from many cities they have seen the cool world. They used to live outside.

Get A Life Losers(Bruised Tounge)
They blew us on New Years, and we are proud to have them back. These boys will be boys and get you dirty and shaking yr fist. By the end of their set you'll be sucking yr thumb wanting that blanky you should have never given away.

Self Surgery(Bruised Tounge)
One half of the tag team Total Crush and one half of the tape label Bruised Tounge. Self Surgery delves deep past the hidden barriers of your mind with an ancient chant inducing a trance. Be careful my friends you may never return from such dark places."

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