Sunday, January 17, 2010

Show Review.

The GRAND TRINE/BLIND SHAKE/HOLY COBRAS show last night was amazing!

started the night off with "Mama Jihad" off the second cassette but the chorus has been changed a bit and lost a bit of it's attack. The rest of the songs were from the "Dead Bodies Float In Space" tape that came out on Campaign For Infinity as well as a couple of newer ones which I assume will be on the upcoming 7". They played a really good set and you can tell they've been playing out a lot more lately since they're sounding really tight. Their more spacey parts are definitely more precise and deliberate and the new songs are pretty fast and upbeat which I'm very much into. Looking forward to seeing them again on the 23rd of February opening for KURT VILE.

I didn't really know what to expect from THE BLIND SHAKE from Minneapolis. I had only heard a couple songs and some videos online but I thought they would put on a great show. They definitely did. I still really don't know how to describe them. They have a kind of a weird jerky DEVO kind of sound but are way heavier and faster. They also played a couple of surf songs in there but again, way heavier and faster. They were one of the best bands that I've seen in a long time. They played music in a style that you can't really compare to anyone else and put on a really energetic and relentless live show. I definitely recommend checking them out and hopefully we'll be able to get them to come back and play here again some time. Their Carmel lp is spinning on my turntable right now and their split/collaboration 12" with MICHAEL YONKERS is awesome! Definitely read up on YONKERS because he's an interesting guy.

This was my second time seeing GRAND TRINE and they definitely didn't disappoint. The first time I saw them was a mind changing moment because I didn't like their recorded output at all. I had been told that live they sound completely different and it's true. Gone were the reverb vocals and spacey noise and in was some punk rock freak outs. They killed it while playing on the floor in a living room but pulled it off just as well on a stage in a club. They opened with a SONICS cover then blasted through an energetic set and bookended it with a bass-less WIPERS cover while Tobias pulled some Iggy moves.

Thanks to Bruised Tongue, Oxley, all the bands, Eric for spinning some great tunes all night and everyone who came out last night.

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craig. said...

last night was definitely something special. ottawa knows how to fuckin party.