Sunday, December 27, 2009


This post is dedicated to 6 or 7 bands that broke up this year.

THE BEACH BLANKETS played amped up 50's rock n' roll. There most memorable and also unmemorable shows were a fury of drunken antics coming from the singers while the rest of the band stood back and kept the music and the beat driving. They played their first show on November 22nd 2008 at the Rocker Room for Holy Cobras' tape release show. They played their last show this summmer on August 26th at Leaky Pipes since Andrew was moving back to Calgary.

ZEBRASSIERES was definitely one of my favorite local bands during the short time that they were around.Featuring two ex-Calgarians that moved here in the fall. They played insanely catchy punk with a Devo feel. I loved this band an insane amount. They broke up because Sarah left for Calgary which made everyone sad. They played their first show on april 17th which was MOTHER'S CHILDREN's 7" release party. They played GAGA WEEKEND 2 in June and played 3 shows in July one of which was their last show ever. The only thing that makes me not want to die is the fact that their recording should be resurfacing VERY soon and I'll be able to listen to their songs whenever I want.
Here's a video from their first show. It isn't very good quality but I'll take it.

There's a really great video of them playing GAGA WEEKEND 2 here but you might not be able to see it if you aren't on facebook.

THE FELINES were Ottawa's girl group extraordinaire. They played garage/surf rock and played a lot of instrumentals and covers. They played tons of shows and recorded a bunch of songs. They had one song come out on the GAGA COMPILATION and also have a posthumous cassette coming out on BRUISED TONGUE of the lp they recorded but weren't able to put out before they broke up. They played their last show at GAGA WEEKEND 2.

FUCKED CORPSE also came to an untimely end. They have been around for several years in several different incarnations but the most recent line-up was definitely the best by far in my opinion. They played their last show not even really knowing that that show would end up being their last. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, their last show was definitely one of the best I've seen from them. A particularly intense and charged show which took place in their home base Leaky Pipes. Here's an old video of them playing their old home base 59 Argyle.

SAVAGE CRIMES also called it quits this year. They played trashy garage punk and Todd was an incredibly entertaining front man. They formed out of the ashes of the SWEET JANES with a couple members starting the HOLY COBRAS and the Jesse and Todd starting SAVAGE CRIMES. They played their first show at ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY in MARCH 2008 opening up THE VISITORS cd release show. After a while, the original drummer was replaced with Matt Cosgrove and then the band really took off in my opinion. They released a rager of a tape on BRUISED TONGUE but I always preferred the newer stuff that they were playing that didn't appear on the tape. One of those songs was on the OTTAWA GAGA compilation. Their last show was the same night as FUCKED CORPSE's last show and I remember them sounding really good that night so they also went out on a high note.
The only video of them I could find is them covering THE CRYPTOMANIACS "eyeballs" at the MOTHER'S CHILDREN 7" release show.

NERVOUS SYSTEM shared a drummer with FUCKED CORPSE & SAVAGE CRIMES and similarly bit the dust when Cosgrove moved away. I'm spotting a bit of a trend here. They played awesome wild swirling guitar rock and put out a mostly improvised tape on BRUISED TONGUE called "Burning White Light" that was recently re-issued and looks amazing. Pick one up today! Also, I gave this band their name and I'm officially stealing it back and will use it again a few years from now.

MILLION DOLLAR MARXISTS also sort of called it quits this year. They were more or less done and then reunited for the first GAGA WEEKEND then a year later for the second GAGA WEEKEND and a few months later played a couple of shows as part of an art show with their good friend DIRTY DONNY back in October. I'm assuming this show was the final nail in the coffin.

While crawling around searching for videos I found a cool video documenting some of the bands playing the Saturday day and night shows of GAGA WEEKEND 2 and features 3 of the bands I've just eulogized.


the gagaman said...

R.I.P. all the wonderful and amazing bands of Ottawa in 2009 who have gone for the eternal in the dirt

sad to think about

... said...

Thanks for reminding me about SAVAGE CRIMES.

Holy shit! Can't believe that many bands bit the dust.

I might have to change the name of the blog to OTTAWA DECIMATION or something.

Hopefully 2010 brings some new bands and some new excitement!

craig. said...

Nervous System bit the dust as well.

A very limited 2nd run of their masterpiece 'Burning White Light' on clear red c40s is available from

cat pawsgrove said...

"burning white light"