Saturday, November 21, 2009

Speed It Up!!!

STEVE ADAMYK just posted a couple of new songs on his myspace page. If you aren't familiar he's the dude who was in such bands as MILLION DOLLAR MARXISTS, URANIUM COMEBACK, SEDATIVES, TOKEN, HANDICAP 5 and probably countless other shitty high school punk bands. His backing bands includes two other prolific members Dave Williams (FUCKING MACHINES, SEDATIVES, YEAR ZERO) and Davey Quesnelle (MALE NURSE, MOTHER'S CHILDREN, CLOVEN HOOFS, CHANDELIERS).

The first single - Speed It Up b/w 20/20 is coming out on P.TRASH records very soon.

He's just announced and posted a couple of songs that will be coming on a single on another german label RED LOUNGE records. RED LOUNGE has put out records by the likes of LOVER!, DIGITAL LEATHER and STRANGE ATTRACTOR.

Here's the artwork for the P.TRASH single.

Even though he has two records on the way, Steve Adamyk and his band have yet to play a show. Look for that situation to be rectified some time in the very near future.


Spencer said...

I bought a bunch of records off this distro once and he threw in a split 7"; Vapids and Handicap 5. Haven't listened to it yet, but now I'm gonna listen to their side.

... said...

I think Steve's parents basement is insulated by those records.