Monday, November 23, 2009

"I'm moving up and I'm moving out"

Last night I headed down to 373 Bronson Street to check out an awesome basement show.

(Isaac is a mad man.)

The show was opened up by last minute addition THE VANISHING ACT. I was surprisingly a lot more into them than I was the last time I saw them. Insane metallic hardcore with a bit of grind thrown in. They sound like what I imagine would be the sound you would hear if both sides of the MORSER/THE SWARM split 7" came together as a singular entity.

Things got switched up completely when YEAR ZERO came on next. This band is really great and their tape is amazing. What I love about them especially is that they get better every single time that I see them. The songs seems tighter, the performances more confident and this time they even played a couple of new songs which were amazing. If you aren't familiar with this band check out their myspace page cause you can listen to their entire "No Tongue For Eros" tape which you can later pick up from BRUISED TONGUE records.

Next up was BARRIER from Montreal/Ottawa. I haven't seen these guys play in a really long time. They have gotten a new drummer since the last time I saw them and it makes a HUGE difference. The old songs are way more powerful sounding and the new songs are way more intense and complex. The new songs got me really excited. This band rips hard and clearly play from the heart and is a band who is perfect to see play in a basement . If you aren't familiar with them I'd urge you to check them out although I don't think the songs on their myspace do them justice at all.

I unfortunately had to miss the last two bands so I can't tell you anything about AFTER THE FALL and FROM THE DEPTHS who were both on tour from out of town.

All photos by PAUL GALIPEAU.

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