Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So it's been a somewhat insane last few weeks. Days after my last post, some enterprising friends and I drove to Gainesville, Florida to attend THE FEST 8. It was an amazing time and I saw some amazing bands. Sequentially they were: AMERICAN STEEL, SHANG-A-LANG, TORCHE, 7 SECONDS, BANNER PILOT, DEAR LANDLORD, COPYRIGHTS, TOYS THAT KILL, DILLINGER FOUR, SNUFF, USED KIDS, WHISKEY & CO., DEEP SLEEP, THE TIM VERSION, SICK SICK BIRDS, UNDERGROUND RAILROAD TO CANDYLAND, FLESHIES, THE ARRIVALS & TILTWHEEL. It was an absolute blast and definitely worth the hours and hours of being crammed in a car.

Minutes after arriving home after a day and a half of driving back I moved all of my stuff into my new apartment. I now have a new home base and I'm really happy about that. I didn't get around to getting the internet installed until now so that explains the big hold up. I figure not too many people were upset about it.

On November 14th, the LEAKY PIPES gang did what they do best and put on an amazing house show.

I missed out on most of the show but I did get to catch ARMY OF SAINT JOAN absolutely kill it. They sounded really great and I enjoyed seeing them play in a cramped living room. I also saw DEAD WIFE who have greatly improved since I saw them play in Montreal several months ago. They were really great and I look forward to hearing their tape.

Check out pictures of the show taken Dave Forcier HERE.

Last night I had the pleasure of checking out CHANDELIERS first show. They played for free at Babylon as part of BOOZEDAYS which is a night they have every tuesday. Dj's spinning good tunes and every now and then bands playing on the floor. CHANDELIERS play total 90's insano-guitar rock. Think DRIVE LIKE JEHU meets DAYDREAM NATION insanity with something weirder/wilder/crazier like RYE COALITION or something. They totally killed it and I'm looking forward to seeing them play again.

I will ideally be updating this a lot more frequently so feel free to keep checking. I'll try to not disappoint.


Spencer said...

The Fest sounded awesome, who played best? Is that a fair question?

... said...

Top 5 bands that completely killed it were....