Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cut UP!!!

Last night was the big DIRTY DONNY/MILLION DOLLAR MARXISTS blowout at BABYLON.

There was a lot of lipstick on boys and man love and also they typical general mayhem that goes down at a lot of shows in this city especially when the MARXISTS are involved.

THE FUCKING MACHINES opened up the show and completely destroyed as usual. They are an under-appreciated band that shred some awesome 80's style hardcore. I find it weird that all the hardcore kids in this city don't flip out over this band. Get hip to them while they're still around. Who else in this city covers BAD BRAINS!? If you know of anyone, I'd like to know!

The MILLION DOLLAR MARXISTS came out and did their thing and did it well. They always put on an entertaining show but I think that this might be their last. We'll see maybe they'll drag their carcasses out and shake them around once again to the delight of everyone.

Shit got pretty out of control. Apparently they covered BREED as an encore and people flipped out. I was out of commission by then which also explains the fact that I never mentioned DIRTY DONNY's art once.

PIERRE RICHARDSON took a bunch of amazing pictures that will let you know what went down last night if you weren't there or if you were there but can't remember everything. As you go through the pictures try to spot the two people who spent the whole day drinking together.

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thegagaman said...

teachin' the girls how to use up an entire stick of lipstick in 1 night!