Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Art Punk?

So if you aren't familiar with artist DIRTY DONNY you should probably familiarize yourself. He's from Ottawa but now lives in California where he does art for many different people such as THE HELLACOPTERS, VANS and not to mention a little band called METALLICA who he has done a lot of work for. You've probably seen his art hanging on the walls as well as the huge Frankenstein at the bottom of the stairs of the Dominion Tavern.

He's coming back to Ottawa as part of his traveling art show and guess who's gonna be traveling around with him? The one and only MILLION DOLLAR MARXISTS!

This is going to be a blast. Anyone who's seen the MARXISTS play knows they put on an amazing show and i'm sure this will be no exception. All for the paltry sum of 5 dollars!

Dirty Donny will have screen prints and other art for sale too.

It all goes down Saturday October 24th at BABYLON. See you there!

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