Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tell me what you want to hear...

A big THANKS to Pierre and Craig from BRUISED TONGUE and everyone else who resides at LEAKY PIPES. The show last night was absolutely amazing. There must have been something in the air last night but every single band that I saw played and sounded better than ever. There were a lot of new faces there and a lot of people in general. There were absolutely no problems with the authorities or otherwise so it was definitely another success.

Unfortunately I only caught the last minutes of GET A LIFE LOSERS but I saw enough to know that I'd like to check them out in the future. SAVAGE CRIMES played next and tore through their set WITHOUT any technical difficulties which boggled my mind. Apparently limiting your alcohol intake before playing enables you to play better.

FUCKED CORPSE played next and absolutely DESTROYED. The room was packed and they opened up with DENIM OUTTA HERE and the room exploded. They played about 4 songs that were all upbeat and loud and wild and noisy and full and powerful. I feel that with this set they really achieved what they're going for and they finally nailed it right on the head. Loud noisy punk with some pop melodies floating around in there that sounds perfect in a crammed living room. The set was made even more intense due to the fact that the crowd was getting pretty wild and were flying all over the place knocking band members into their amps and spilling beer everywhere. CRAIG was an intense frontman and was returing the favor by springing right back up into people's faces with his shirt off like a skinny Rollins.

HOLY COBRAS came up next and were much better than they were at Leaky Pipes a few weeks ago. I think recording in Montreal really help them get tighter. The new line-up is really starting to come together and the new songs are now more cohesive. They opened with "Mama Jihad" from the Make Pyramids tape and then played a few new songs that were sounding really good. I'm really liking the song "Drug Store" and I love the line "evil is up not down" being repeated over and over and over at the end of one the new songs.

Montreal's GRAND TRINE played next and I wasn't sure what to expect. I had been told before that their live show is really good and sounds completely different than their recordings. I wasn't really a fan of their side of the HOLY COBRAS split tape that BRUISED TONGUE put out. I went in a skeptic but came out a believer. They have a new drummer, they don't use any delay on their vocals and they just plain rip. Fast punk rock songs with 70's psych riffs thrown in and some of them had saxophone in them as well. Their songs are fast and straightforward enough to get you excited but interesting enough to keep you from getting bored. Thrown in a cover of "Over the Edge" and you've got a set that has convinced me of their live show. I'm curious to see what their next recording sounds like before I fully pledge my allegiance. They have a 12" coming out on DIVORCE RECORDS so keep an eye out for that.

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