Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Saturday's kids...

There's a bunch of things going on this Saturday so get ready.

First off there's the second BRUISED TONGUE RECORDS showcase. The first one went down a couple of months ago at Irene's and this one is going down at BTHQ a.k.a. LEAKY PIPES.

Here's what the head honchos have to say:

"GRAND TRINE (Montreal/Alien8/Bruised Tongue/Campaign for Infinity/Divorce Records)

Heavy Psyched-out Space Thrash for fans of The Stooges/Wipers/Chrome. 2nd show with new drummer and SAX player. Ex-members of Be Bad and Fucked Corpse. Split with Holy Cobras out now on Bruised Tongue! 12" on Divorce Records coming soon.


SUPER SECRET SURPRISE BAND!! (Ottawa/Bruised Tongue)

Local basement psych freaks!!


FUCKED CORPSE (Ottawa/Bruised Tongue)

Ottawa party weirdos jamming out some jangly fuzzed-out stoner pop to bang a final nail into the summer's coffin. Celebrating their new full-length tape on Bruised Tonuge out now!


GET A LIFE LOSERS (Ottawa/2nd Show!!)

2nd show ever!! Skronked-out power-trio feedback punk that took everyone by surprise at the Manx last month. Not to be missed!!


636 SOMERSET ST. WEST (across from Shanghai, near Bronson)


Down in the market there's a a show at the DOMINION TAVERN that features a night of rawk, swampy blues rock and one of my favorite bands in the city. Not necessarily in that order. The bands are GARAGA, THE VISITORS & MISSISSIPPI GROVER, it starts at 10 pm and costs 8 dollars.

If live bands aren't your thing but you're down with hanging out, drinking beer, listening to some good music and maybe dancing a little bit you should check out the second edition of MELTING POT which takes place at the Atomic Rooster.

4 dj's are breaking out their best records to get you moving.

DJ Scott (Ska/Soul/Rock&Roll Soundsystem, Jet Set '68)
DJ Mark (RRPP, Roosters Blues night, Aloha Rm.)
DJ Stephane The Man (Jet Set '68, CHUO's Up For A Downslide)
DJ Whitey (Ska/Soul/Rock&Roll Soundsystem)

There may be a cover charge, I'm not sure but it'lll be a good time for sure.

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Mark said...

re: Meltin' Pot

NO COVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!