Wednesday, September 30, 2009


THE WHITE WIRES just got back from Memphis. They return with copies of their new single "Pretty Girl" b/w "Goodbye Girl" on the TROUBLE IN MIND record label based out of Chicago. They've also brought back copies of the repress of the 1st lp which came out on Atlanta's own DOUCHEMASTER records with a slightly altered sleeve which I think looks amazing.

They'll have copies of both of these records at the show on SATURDAY!

Here's a video of them playing "I Remember How" in Memphis as part of GONERFEST 6

White Wires GonerFest 6 from Wes Williams on Vimeo.

Monday, September 28, 2009

This Week....

Wednesday Sept 30th

TV GHOST (In The Red Records, Indiana)



October 1st


10 PM



THE WHITE WIRES (7" release show! LP re-press release show!)
URANIUM COMEBACK (Ottawa's best recluse band!)


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Record Show!

Go check this out today!!!!!!! It'll be a great time!

Friday, September 25, 2009

"I don't want to go to work today...."

Last night was an absolute blast! ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY had an amazing show courtesy of YEAR ZERO and a secret surprise set by Minneapolis' OFF WITH THEIR HEADS who had opened for BOUNCING SOULS/YOUTH BRIGADE ealrlier in the evening. A huge thanks to everyone who helped out with the show. It is much appreciated.

YEAR ZERO absolutely KILLED it. Despite having a fill-in drummer for this show, they sounded absolutely amazing and are definitely sounding way more confident and powerful. I'm through trying to pinpoint what they sound like. What matters is that they're a really great band and a lot of different can appreciate their sound. Check out their tape on BRUISED TONGUE and keep an eye for future releases.

OFF WITH THEIR HEADS finally showed up after the BS/YB show wrapped up to a pretty full bar and a bunch of excited people. They basically stepped out of the van and straight onto the stage and despite Ryan being sick, they absolutely destroyed. They played four songs to start then basically played any song that people requested. I heard pretty much every song I would want to hear so I was happy.

Here's a video of them playing I AM YOU. It's not the best quality since it's taken from a phone but it gives you an idea nonetheless.

Thanks to Jordy for the video and for all the help with the sound.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Halloween comes 30 days early!

Get ready to have your face blown off and your body ripped in half because we're getting paid a visit by TIMMY VULGAR who you may know from his old band the CLONE DEFECTS. HUMAN EYE play insane punk that sounds like nothing else going on these days. They pretty much epitomize the "weird punk" tag that's been flying around lately.

They are going to be accompanied with another band from Detroit called TERRIBLE TWOS who play much more straightforward punk compared to Human Eye but don't let that fool you. These guys are definitely putting out some pretty cool sounds and definitely keep things interesting and don't sound like your run-of-the-mill "garage" punk band. Wild punk with some crazy synth lines that are designed to make you lose your mind.


10 PM

Thanks to Dan for the poster!

Here's what an actual "writer" has to say about HUMAN EYE:

"With the triumphant release of their second full-length album on Hook or Crook Records this month, Detroit's Human Eye have re-emerged as one of the world's last real examples of avant garde punk music, and retain their status as the yardstick by which all real rock'n'roll weirdness should be measured. As far back as 2004, these oblique creatures of the darkest, most unlit spaces in the universe have carved out their very own caveman-cum-alien formula of sickening science fiction sounds. Withstanding lineup changes and label rearrangements, they've succeeded in baring the frayed edges of their own sanity and creating something truly awe-inspiring with each successive release. Although it was evident at the closing of the Clone Defects' tenure of domination, lead lunatic Timmy Vulgar had too much erratic energy and mongoloid moxie to stay dormant for long, and after a mind-blowing debut LP on In The Red, and the subsequent 7"s on Ypsilanti, Cass, and Disordered devolved the band into a glob of artistically explosive guts and entrails, their efforts at finding a new home for their controlled insanity have now come to fruition, and we can all breathe easier. With Sir Vulgar's deeply demonic bellow in full swing, Human Eye's cavalcade of boundary-defying sound construction lifts off and streaks across the sky with serrated rhythms not right for this world. And along with the doom-laden disasterously disemboweling synthesizer squeal, it works together carefully to crack your closed mind back open, just as it should. As one of the most theatric bands on stage in America, Human Eye rival the Alice Cooper stage show without much competition, and even with dead mollusks, fish guts, and squid ink aside, they are as inimitable as ever in their current state, and remain untouchable within the confines of a typical rock show spectacle. But just as you could say that the theatrics are aimed at distracting you from their own guttural punk dimension, the other-worldly songs forged out of broken light bulb pieces and the slime from expired lunchmeat does wonders to the unaffected brain and causes tiny lesions that absorb all the filth and dementia uttered from Vulgar's tortured trachea and reinforce the fact that Human Eye are undoubtedly one of the cornerstones of unique modern music. Blazing their own path has never been the easiest route, and their method may never transpire the outer regions of the wrong wave, but they have never needed any ulterior motivation to do their biding and it's without any restraint that we wholly recommend their worldly droppings, in every state of recorded medium. Pick up your copy of Fragments of the Universe Nurse on LP or CD direct from Hook or Crook and revel in the off-centered true oddity that is one of the Midwest's most precious resources, the living nightmare that is Human Eye."

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tell me what you want to hear...

A big THANKS to Pierre and Craig from BRUISED TONGUE and everyone else who resides at LEAKY PIPES. The show last night was absolutely amazing. There must have been something in the air last night but every single band that I saw played and sounded better than ever. There were a lot of new faces there and a lot of people in general. There were absolutely no problems with the authorities or otherwise so it was definitely another success.

Unfortunately I only caught the last minutes of GET A LIFE LOSERS but I saw enough to know that I'd like to check them out in the future. SAVAGE CRIMES played next and tore through their set WITHOUT any technical difficulties which boggled my mind. Apparently limiting your alcohol intake before playing enables you to play better.

FUCKED CORPSE played next and absolutely DESTROYED. The room was packed and they opened up with DENIM OUTTA HERE and the room exploded. They played about 4 songs that were all upbeat and loud and wild and noisy and full and powerful. I feel that with this set they really achieved what they're going for and they finally nailed it right on the head. Loud noisy punk with some pop melodies floating around in there that sounds perfect in a crammed living room. The set was made even more intense due to the fact that the crowd was getting pretty wild and were flying all over the place knocking band members into their amps and spilling beer everywhere. CRAIG was an intense frontman and was returing the favor by springing right back up into people's faces with his shirt off like a skinny Rollins.

HOLY COBRAS came up next and were much better than they were at Leaky Pipes a few weeks ago. I think recording in Montreal really help them get tighter. The new line-up is really starting to come together and the new songs are now more cohesive. They opened with "Mama Jihad" from the Make Pyramids tape and then played a few new songs that were sounding really good. I'm really liking the song "Drug Store" and I love the line "evil is up not down" being repeated over and over and over at the end of one the new songs.

Montreal's GRAND TRINE played next and I wasn't sure what to expect. I had been told before that their live show is really good and sounds completely different than their recordings. I wasn't really a fan of their side of the HOLY COBRAS split tape that BRUISED TONGUE put out. I went in a skeptic but came out a believer. They have a new drummer, they don't use any delay on their vocals and they just plain rip. Fast punk rock songs with 70's psych riffs thrown in and some of them had saxophone in them as well. Their songs are fast and straightforward enough to get you excited but interesting enough to keep you from getting bored. Thrown in a cover of "Over the Edge" and you've got a set that has convinced me of their live show. I'm curious to see what their next recording sounds like before I fully pledge my allegiance. They have a 12" coming out on DIVORCE RECORDS so keep an eye out for that.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


This Sunday!!!

North Lincoln (Grand Rapids, MI/ No Idea Records)

MadCowboys (Calgary, AB Punk)

Junior Battles (Toronto, ON Punk)

The Valveenus (Orleans Mother Folkers)

Jon Creeden

Cafe Deckuf
8 dollars
8 pm.

Check it out. North Lincoln are a really cool band from Michigan who I saw play in the basement of End Hits a few years ago and they were really great. Check them out!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Saturday's kids...

There's a bunch of things going on this Saturday so get ready.

First off there's the second BRUISED TONGUE RECORDS showcase. The first one went down a couple of months ago at Irene's and this one is going down at BTHQ a.k.a. LEAKY PIPES.

Here's what the head honchos have to say:

"GRAND TRINE (Montreal/Alien8/Bruised Tongue/Campaign for Infinity/Divorce Records)

Heavy Psyched-out Space Thrash for fans of The Stooges/Wipers/Chrome. 2nd show with new drummer and SAX player. Ex-members of Be Bad and Fucked Corpse. Split with Holy Cobras out now on Bruised Tongue! 12" on Divorce Records coming soon.


SUPER SECRET SURPRISE BAND!! (Ottawa/Bruised Tongue)

Local basement psych freaks!!


FUCKED CORPSE (Ottawa/Bruised Tongue)

Ottawa party weirdos jamming out some jangly fuzzed-out stoner pop to bang a final nail into the summer's coffin. Celebrating their new full-length tape on Bruised Tonuge out now!


GET A LIFE LOSERS (Ottawa/2nd Show!!)

2nd show ever!! Skronked-out power-trio feedback punk that took everyone by surprise at the Manx last month. Not to be missed!!


636 SOMERSET ST. WEST (across from Shanghai, near Bronson)


Down in the market there's a a show at the DOMINION TAVERN that features a night of rawk, swampy blues rock and one of my favorite bands in the city. Not necessarily in that order. The bands are GARAGA, THE VISITORS & MISSISSIPPI GROVER, it starts at 10 pm and costs 8 dollars.

If live bands aren't your thing but you're down with hanging out, drinking beer, listening to some good music and maybe dancing a little bit you should check out the second edition of MELTING POT which takes place at the Atomic Rooster.

4 dj's are breaking out their best records to get you moving.

DJ Scott (Ska/Soul/Rock&Roll Soundsystem, Jet Set '68)
DJ Mark (RRPP, Roosters Blues night, Aloha Rm.)
DJ Stephane The Man (Jet Set '68, CHUO's Up For A Downslide)
DJ Whitey (Ska/Soul/Rock&Roll Soundsystem)

There may be a cover charge, I'm not sure but it'lll be a good time for sure.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Euro Trip