Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Here's some really exciting news coming from IAN of THE WHITE WIRES....

"Luke (WW bass extraordinaire) and our friend Adam just opened up a little video production studio in the basement at Luke's rehearsal space. To promote their studio, and experiment with their gear, they thought it would be cool to make a White Wires video!!!
Here it is, just in time for us to drop the BIG news that our LP has be repressed by a label we drool over..........ladies and gentlemen...........the White Wires are now part of the DOUCHEMASTER RECORDS CLUB!!!!!!!!!!
watch for the LP.....
with a slightly reworked cover,
word is, it should be ready for our appearance at....gasp.......GONERFEST 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and here's the video

Upcoming stuff.......
this is getting a little bit conceited, but I swear I'm not making this up.
On Monday, we finished recording for 2 new 45s

the first will be on Canadian super label UGLY POP RECORDS!!!!! the same label that put out the TRANZMITORS 1st 45!!! run by Simon...the most dangerous man on TB!!!

next up will be a 45 on the brand new TROUBLE IN MIND RECORDS!!!!!!!! this is Bill and Lisa from COCOCOMA!!!!!!!!...check out their myspace, sit down first, the list of releases might make you dizzy!

we're pushing to have those both for GONERFEST too. Bill thinks he can do it, and I believe him.

then, when we get back to reality, we're gonna start recording for another LP.
Ken from DIRTNAP has asked if we wanted to do it on his label.........obviously!!!!!!!!!!

I put the plastic sheets back on my bed. This is all just too much for us 3 Canadians!!!

Anyways, I thought you would all be interested to know, so there you have it. I'll send out details as each one of the records surfaces.

we're on tour this weekend with bubblegum punk superstar NOBUNNY!!!
come out and see us in Ottawa this Saturday...see this thread

enjoy the video for now!
Ian "

I'm really proud of these guys and gal. They wrote and released a really solid record and are getting some deserved recognition without actively seeking it out. They prove that you don't need to have some sort of hype management team or try really hard at playing "the game" to get your name out there. You simply need to write some great songs with a little bit of heart and good things will come.

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