Saturday, June 20, 2009


On Thursday June 25th, our main fortifications (RRPP) will be attacked. The attack will be coming from some of the farthest reaches of the USA. It will be a SAN FRANCISCAN INVASION!

The main culprits are one TY SEGALL who will be accompanied by one CHARLES a.k.a. CHARLIE and his gang of not so merry men THE MOONHEARTS.

We have reports that the MOONHEARTS attack will involve a sonic assault of uptempo rock n' roll that has been described only with the words "garage" and "punk". After their attack is over, they will not rest. They will then back-up Mr. SEGALL in a psychedelic mind assault which will try to bring us down to our knees using psywarfare.

We need all the troops we can get.

Meet at HOMEBASE at 2200 hours to be briefed on defense strategies. All I can reveal right now is that it will involve BEER, PIZZA & PARTYING. It's our only hope.

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m said...

good fucking show