Thursday, June 25, 2009

More stuff

Friday night you can come out and see CENTRETOWN CRIPPLERS, SAVAGE CRIMES & ZOOBOMBS from JAPAN! The show is at the GLUE POT PUB which I'm interested in checking out since I've never been there before. It'll be nice to see some bands in a completely different context since most shows are pretty much in the same few venues. CENTRETOWN CRIPPLERS really blew me away at the GAGA WEEKEND and I'm excited to see them again on Friday. SAVAGE CRIMES will destroy you and then the ZOOBOMBS will take it all home with their wild and crazy insano rock n' roll that could really only be hatched up in JAPAN. Afterwards you get walk a couple of blocks to SKA, SOUL & ROCK N' ROLL at BRIXTON'S and party there! Sounds like a good night to me.


P.P.S. Last night was my last show playing for BURIED INSIDE. A huge thanks to those guys for asking me to join their band in the first place. Changed my life forever and I will forever appreciate it.


Out In The Street said...

thanks for the shout out, I'll save the Monks til you arrive!

thegagaman said...

good job with Buried INside last night! You guys were a force!!!

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