Thursday, June 11, 2009


So this shit starts tomorrow/today and I'm insanely excited about it. This is a big deal.

The last show left to talk about is the big big big headlining show.

Opening up the show is THE CREEPS. If you've seriously never heard of this band before I have no idea what's wrong with you. They've only been around for a decade. They've been only getting better in the last year or so. They only write some of the catchiest and most intense punk rock song I've heard come out of this city. Definitely make it out early to catch their opening set.

TOKYO SEX WHALE is playing second. They play monstrous rock and roll. Yogi is the main man behind this band and has been an influential part in this whole GOING GAGA thing. A) He recorded the WHITE WIRES LP. B) He's hooking up a space for the Saturday daytime show/bbq/free for all. C) He recorded the new CREEPS split 7" and their upcoming record D) He just recorded 8 NEW WHITE WIRES TRACKS!

STATUES are from Sudbury and they rule. If you haven't seen them yet you're in for a treat. Catchy punk rock that will catch you in their grip. They've put out records on DERANGED & P. TRASH and a bunch of different rad labels and have been amazing to many Ottawa bands who have ventured up to Sudbury. Best dudes ever.

MILLION DOLLAR MARXISTS haven't played since last year's GAGA WEEKEND. Their set last year was amazing. Their song on the OTTAWA GAGA COMPILATION is unrivaled. A lot of people are stoked about this and you should be too.

LONG STORY SHORT: This weekend is important. It has been put together purely for the love of music. Ottawa has an amazing music scene which is unparalled in my opinion. So many great bands are playing these days with zero attitude and zero competition between them. This is all about fun and having a great time. Hopefully you'll be there!

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