Monday, June 8, 2009


The Saturday day show will be pure insanity. I can't really take time to describe what the bands sound like so I'll just type out a question for each.

FUCKED CORPSE - Do strobe lights work in the daytime?
FUCKING MACHINES - Will they still be drinking from the night before?
THE GIRLFRIENDS - Will that one guy have another guitar to fake play since he broke his other one?
THE BALCONIES - Are they read to GO GAGA?
YEAR ZERO - Will Dave Williams' presence in this band finally nail them down as an early LOOKOUT RECORDS sounding band?
ZEBRASSIERES - Is that gorilla gonna be throwing bananas around again?
BOTCHED SUICIDES - Is that dude gonna punch me in the head?
CENTRETOWN CRIPPLERS - Will all of the members be able to fit in this place?
THE JOLIETTES - Did the GO-GO'S have two dudes in their band?
THE FELINES - Can cats actually surf?
THE WHITE WIRES - How insane is IAN is gonna get once he's done playing?
the band who's name is a symbol - Who's watching the store?
THE SUPPOSITORIES - Position 1 or position 2?
SCHOOL JERKS - Why am I not way more punk?

Check out an interview with Ian about the GAGA WEEKEND by local blog APT 613.

Click here to hear it!


chris said...

Dave Williams is in Year Zero now?? Holy Shit! I really liked these guys at RRPP and I can only imagine DW's addition is gonna make them one of Ottawa's best.

Nigel said...

yes, he will have another guitar to fake play