Saturday, June 6, 2009


The Friday night show is a HOUSE PARTY and will be insane!

It all starts off with NERVOUS SYSTEM. I have yet to see this band. It features Jesse and Matt from SAVAGE CRIMES backing Matt Oxley of CRAZY OCEAN. From what I can tell from the songs online they sound like the more insane parts from SONIC YOUTH's early records. I'm looking forward to seeing them.

Next up is HOLY COBRAS this will be their first show with their new line-up. Rod and Dan are tyrants and they've axed their rhythm section AGAIN. Who knows what they'll sound like now. Brit pop? Come out to see for yourself.

are up next and will play a bunch of trashy punk, Todd will yell a bunch of nonsense and everybody will have a good time.

Next up is one of the bands that I'm looking forward to the most. URANIUM COMEBACK is an elusive band that rarely plays but is so damn good it hurts. They play the catchiest, most powerful upbeat punk rock in the vein of POINTED STICKS. Just wait till you pick up your copy of the OTTAWA GAGA compilation and you find yourself listening to their song over and over and over and over.

Capping off the night will be THE BEACH BLANKETS who will put on a fun show that will get everyone dancing and flipping out. Definitely a perfect end to a wild basement show.

854 Bronson

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