Wednesday, May 20, 2009


1- Thanks a lot to everyone who came out to the TYVEK show last night. FUCKED CORPSE were really great. I'm digging the new stuff and look forward to pulling their new cassingle out of it's denim sheath and rock out. THE BEACH BLANKETS were amazing and put on a really good show. It's always a good time when they play and judging by their set last night things are going to be getting insanely crazy come the GAGA WEEKEND. TYVEK were good too. I'm not super familiar with their stuff but they sounded very much like WIRE or one of those other bands that was playing "post-punk" while "punk" was just starting out without seeming like they're trying to have that kind of sound. They just seem to play what they play and that's what comes out.

2- ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY will again be at the ATOMIC ROOSTER tomorrow night and will continue to be there for a while hopefully. THE GAGA WEEKEND OPENING CEREMONIES will be taking place there!

3 - THE FAMINES from EDMONTON will be rocking FIRST BASE a.k.a. COZZIE'S a.k.a 854 BRONSON. They've just released an tape with some pretty INSANE PACKAGING that they'll have available at this show. Opening will be CRAZY OCEAN. Doors at 8pm. Suggested donation of 5 dollars.

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