Thursday, May 21, 2009

Creepy Message.

THE CREEPS are a gas and they've been busy as hell writing and recording new songs. The newest of which they've just posted on their myspace page along with this message....

"So, friends, what's up?

Things have been pretty busy in Creeps-land lately and prove to be even more so in the next little while. We've got a bunch of shows coming up, a new split 7" coming out and are ironing out some brand new songs for a record that we hope to have out later this year.

First, we recently recorded two songs with Yogi at his Meatlocker studio for a split 7" with our friends Fear Of Lipstick from Moncton (check our "top friends"). Both bands recorded an original and a cover of one of the other's songs. It's coming out on Fucking Scam/Scared To Death and we're psyched about it!

To commemorate the occasion, we've planned a couple of extended weekends worth of shows together in early July and couldn't be happier to be hitting the road with those dudes again. Check the shows section for all of the details and come out and say 'hi' when we're in your city.

Also, for those in OUR city, start getting crazy excited for the second edition of the GAGA Weekend! The brainchild of resident super-hunk Ian Manhire, this weekend is a non-stop party with 30 bands playing 4 shows in 3 days. We're slated to play the big blowout Saturday night show at Babylon with an insane lineup of bands, including international superstars Statues and the mysterious and elusive Million Dollar Marxists!

Finally, to put the cart miles and miles ahead of the horse, we've been demo-ing some new songs with the intention of heading back to Yogi's studio this summer to record a new album. It won't be a full-length, but probably won't be a 7" either. Hmmm. I dunno, really. More details on this as we figure it out.

Alright, I think that's it.

Hope you're well,


Check it out. The song rips really hard. I can't wait to hear what FEAR OF LIPSTICK does with the track they chose to cover.

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