Wednesday, April 15, 2009

yeah yeah yeah yeah pt. 2

More from the home recording side project fun stuff front. I present to you. LESBIAN SEAGULL. This is BILLY from SUPPOSITORIES side project.

"Lesbian Seagull is a one man studio project. Songs are written on the spot, then recorded in pretty much one take on a 4 track cassette. I start with a drum loop that I've sampled from records or cd's, then add guitar or bass tracks and then a quick vocal track. [Though some songs went down in various other ways]. Next, I mix it straight from the tape to my cd burner and it's done. Why? Why the fuck not. I know the songs are simple and full of mistakes but the spontaneous process kicks ass. Fuck boring over-produced protooled shite. Isn't there enough of that crap out there already?"

If you haven't already you should check out SPRAY PAINT. This is BILLY's band from 1982. Named after a BLACK FLAG song, this is KANATA at it's craziest.

"3 brothers, bored out of our skulls, high on glucose, fructose and liquid invert sugar, 1 guitar, 1 little amp, 1 mic, sometimes barely any drum kit at all, going apeshit in our mom's laundry room, around 1982. Took our name from the Black Flag song on "Damaged". We never played a live show as Spray Paint because we didn't give a rat's ass about that crap, or drugs, or alcohol. We would go to Mac's Milk and steal all kinds of candy and shit, eat it all, get super hyper and then go make a racket in our basement. It was the only way to entertain ourselves living in a fucked up suburb full of boring douchebags into Pink Floyd and Van Halen. We did not fit in with our peers so we stuck together and got our pent-up frustrations out in Spray Paint."

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