Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Don't fuck with the puck!"

Last night I had the privilege to be one of the 5 contest winners who got to tag along with THE WHITE WIRES to Montreal. The show was at an awesome warehouse space called FRIENDSHIP COVE. This place rules. Big multilevel warehouse which has cool art everywhere, a recording studio, a rooftop to hang out on, a HUGE living room and of course BANDS! The first band was DIRTY WEDDING. We caught their last few songs. They were upbeat catchy rock sorta like a less noisy version of the more upbeat JESUS & MARY CHAIN songs with a bit of a 60's thing thrown in. Honestly, it kind of sounded like the first STROKES record or something. I thought they took too much time between songs but that's my problem I guess. Next up were DEAD WIFE who played loud noisy abrasive punk rock. The shrieking vocals were REALLY loud. They did what they did well and the kids were into it but it wasn't really my thing. Next up were ULTRATHIN who feature the people who live at FRIENDSHIP COVE and put on the show. I seriously can't really remember much about their set which I guess says something about their band. Why do so many bands use tons of reverb on their vocals? Someone please tell me. WHITE WIRES were next and it's no secret that I love this band. You can refer to the previous post for reference. The people there seemed to be into them so that's great. New songs are tremendous. The show was perfectly capped off by the BOX ELDERS from OMAHA. They drove something ridiculous like 14 hours to make it to the show and they still set it off. They played all of the songs from the single and a bunch of new tracks that were great and sound like demented 60's pop songs that you'd find filed under the "oddities" section in a record store. The drummer works hard and often plays drums with one hand while he rips out keyboard lines with the other while he clenches a drumstick in his teeth. By this point the PUNK PACK had ravaged us and it was time to drive home. Ian and I shared a bag of t-shirts for a pillow. We make it home around 4 am.

Monday, April 20, 2009

I electrocute myself from time to time.

SEDATIVES have posted a couple of new songs from our upcoming lp. This baby is going to be coming out in North America on DERANGED and in Europe on P.TRASH. We're really excited about this record and being involved with two great records.

We're going to be playing a couple of shows in SUDBURY with STATUES, ULTRA VIOLENCE RAY & THE VISITORS on May 23rd. An early all-ages show followed by I assume will be a mess of a 19+ show.

The Visitors will also be playing 2 nights before at ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY for the release party of the TROPIC OF CANCER 7" ep out on HOUSE PARTY RECORDS. This 7" rips so you better pick up a copy that night.

Dance to the Rock n' Roll Band!

The MOTHER'S CHILDREN 7" release party on Friday was a doozy. ZEBRASSIERES kicked off the night with about 7 songs that were over before you knew it. Unfortunately, the songs were good so once you knew it was over you were kind of upset about it but at least you got to eat a banana and throw it back at the gorilla that gave it to you the first place. This was their first show and they're way better than a lot of bands that play together for years. Keep your eyes and (zebra) ears open so that you don't miss them next time they play.

SAVAGE CRIMES played next but I had to miss them but I'm sure it was classic SC with TODD yelling a bunch of weird shit and a bunch of songs getting played.

were next and they absolutely DESTROYED. They were really great and played a lot of new songs including their song that will appear on the GOING GAGA COMPILATION. THe crowd was already going wild but would go even wilder once a sheet was put up to cover up the band. When the curtain dropped it sounded like BEATLEMANIA as it was revealed that IAN was behind the drum kit and ALLIE was up front with a guitar in her hand! It was her first live performance and blasted through "BUNNY LUVVV" to a highly receptive crowd. I really hope this is a preview of a whole set because it sounded really good and her songs are really really catchy. Check them out HERE if you haven't already.

Not to be overshadowed at their own release party, MOTHER'S CHILDREN put on what was probably their best set to date. They flew through around a dozen songs with barely a break between them and they sounded GOOD. REALLY GOOD. They even played a new song that was incredibly amazing. This band is only getting better and better and I'm really looking forward to hearing them record some of their new stuff and putting that out. Their debut 7" should be in your record collection so don't hesitate to pick up a copy.

The newest issue of STANDARD ISSUE was also released at this show and you should make sure to pick that up. Probably the best issue to date it features interviews with SAVAGE CRIMES, DEMON'S CLAWS & MASSHYSTERI as well comics, articles about stuff, etc. etc. Not to mention the cover was drawn by the one and only DIRTY DONNY!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

yeah yeah yeah yeah pt. 2

More from the home recording side project fun stuff front. I present to you. LESBIAN SEAGULL. This is BILLY from SUPPOSITORIES side project.

"Lesbian Seagull is a one man studio project. Songs are written on the spot, then recorded in pretty much one take on a 4 track cassette. I start with a drum loop that I've sampled from records or cd's, then add guitar or bass tracks and then a quick vocal track. [Though some songs went down in various other ways]. Next, I mix it straight from the tape to my cd burner and it's done. Why? Why the fuck not. I know the songs are simple and full of mistakes but the spontaneous process kicks ass. Fuck boring over-produced protooled shite. Isn't there enough of that crap out there already?"

If you haven't already you should check out SPRAY PAINT. This is BILLY's band from 1982. Named after a BLACK FLAG song, this is KANATA at it's craziest.

"3 brothers, bored out of our skulls, high on glucose, fructose and liquid invert sugar, 1 guitar, 1 little amp, 1 mic, sometimes barely any drum kit at all, going apeshit in our mom's laundry room, around 1982. Took our name from the Black Flag song on "Damaged". We never played a live show as Spray Paint because we didn't give a rat's ass about that crap, or drugs, or alcohol. We would go to Mac's Milk and steal all kinds of candy and shit, eat it all, get super hyper and then go make a racket in our basement. It was the only way to entertain ourselves living in a fucked up suburb full of boring douchebags into Pink Floyd and Van Halen. We did not fit in with our peers so we stuck together and got our pent-up frustrations out in Spray Paint."

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

yeah yeah yeah yeah

Check out ALLIE from THE WHITE WIRES & THE FELINES solo stuff by clicking HERE! If you're into catchy songs caught on lo-fi bedroom recordings, you'll LOVE this! It sounds like hanging out in her room at 4 am as she plays the songs that she wrote that week and you're like "holy shit! i thought you played drums! i didn't know you played guitar and sang songs!" and it's one of things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm.

Don't forget about the MOTHER'S CHILDREN 7" RELEASE PARTY on friday!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Here's a bunch of shows coming up. Get excited about the bands you know. Check out the ones you don't.




May 7th - O-VOIDS (Montreal), ENDANGERED APE (Alberta) & HOT BLOOD BOMBERS (Regina) @ TBA.


May 19th - TYVEK (Detroit), Fucked Corpse + 1 tba @ Bytown Tavern

May 22nd - THE FAMINES (Edmonton) @ RAMPAGE

June 11 - 13 - GAGA WEEKEND!


June 25th - TY SEGALL (San Francisco) @ RRPP


Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Tomorrow night there is a CHUO benefit show at BABYLON. THE BAND WHO'S NAME IS A SYMBOL, COLD COFFEE & SALTY BOOTS and VAPOURIZER. You can pay 5 to 10 dollars depending on how much you love independent radio. It starts at 9 pm.

You should cross the street at some point and hang out at ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY at the ROYAL OAK.

Friday night we've got DAVE WILLIAMS of SEDATIVES/FUCKING MACHINES guest dj'ing at RAMPAGE.

Check out MUTAGENS which is ROB from STATUES new project with his good pal JEN. They play catchy as hell lo-fi punk rock.
Expect some records soon.

Also check out STRANGE ATTRACTOR which has nothing to do with STATUES. At all. Seriously. They're from Germany.
Expect some records soon.