Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"you say you miss me, i'm drinking whiskey"

BRUISED TONGUE is a new label out of OTTAWA. the head honchos are none other than PIERRE & CRAIG of FUCKED CORPSE. their main focus will be cassette releases with the obligatory free download. their first cassette release will be the SAVAGE CRIMES ep which is a handful of songs recored by IAN of SUPPOSITORIES backed with a live set at a raging NEW YEAR'S EVE PARTY! you can hear the song "WHISKEY" from that tape and songs from some of their other releases here.

speaking of FUCKED CORPSE, i saw them play this weekend for the first time in years and let me tell you folks, i enjoyed what i heard. they played what i found out later was mostly new songs that we're upbeat and straight to the point. it probably has a lot to do with the fact that they have a lot less members. they even did a MUMMIES cover. woo-wee.

this weekend THE WHITE WIRES are playing a show with HILOTRONS at BABYLON on FRIDAY THE 13th so check that out and then head down to RAMPAGE down in the basement of JAMES ST PUB for some rocking tunes. there will be a special set of FRIDAY THE 13TH inspired tracks. i.e. MISFITS, 45 GRAVE, CHRISTIAN DEATH, etc. a tribute set to THE CRAMPS is also in order.

earlier in the evening, head on down to WINTERLEWD because SKID VICIOUS & LUKE NUCLEAR are invading the ICE CASTLE or whatever the hell it's called and spinning some tunes. let's see what we can pull off there. spike your hot chocolate, grab your skates and come on down and party with us.

SATURDAY you can check out a raging basement show with A LOT of bands. i'm talking TOO MANY bands but when you have 3 bands from out of town that people may not know you're gonna have to bring them in SOMEHOW.

anyway, KAVRAN PRODUCTIONS presents...


Set Times :

7:30-7:45 - Harsh Supplement
7:55-8:15 - The Dirty Nuns
8:25-8:45 - Four Stroke
8:55-9:15 - Vile Intent
9:25-9:45 - The Castevets
9:55-10:15 - Picked On

February 14th @ 62 Bell St. N (off of Somerset in Centertown/China Town). If buses are running take the #2 down Somerset. You can catch it at the Rideau Center or on Bank St. You can also take the #85 to Somerset/Bronson and walk up to Bell St.

7:00pm doors. $5-10 sliding donation for touring bands.

Show starts exactly at 7:30, so show up on time! Harsh Supplement starts the show off with a 15 minute set followed by every other band playing 20 minute sets. Since (like usual) the bylaw doesn't like noise past 11pm we're going to play the safe card again and have it done by 10:30 at the latest.

Come out and have a good time. Don't forgot to respect the house or be pulverized! Tyler and his friends are rad enough to let us use his house, so respect it!

links :
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Vile Intent ( )

Picked On ( )

Four Stroke ( )

The Dirty Nuns ( )

Harsh Supplement (FIRST SHOW! )


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