Tuesday, February 17, 2009

take this job and love it.

this week at RRPP we've got THE JOB from toronto coming to rock for all y'all. they play amped up punk rock.

"Jittery, old Fashioned punk rock is The Job’s stock and trade. The arrogant, bastard love child of Joe Strummer and Andy Partridge; The Job snarl through songs of fighting and fucking. Born in the back of a record store, reared on the boozy teat of a brewery, Toronto’s The Job are accepting applications. Picture it: a sleepy southwestern Ontario town (London) at the turn of the century where a love of noise brought together four moderately attractive boys from good homes. Their fervent belief in rock & roll prevailed, and The Job was formed in 2007."

there maybe some surprise guests playing as well. who knows!?

it all goes down at the BYTOWN TAVERN at 11 pm on THURSDAY FEBRUARY 19TH.

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