Monday, February 2, 2009


so THE CREEPS/SEDATIVES/STANDARD ISSUE show on saturday ruled. THE CREEPS absolutely destroyed it. i hope people who were there picked up their 7" because it rips. they played a few songs from the 7" and a cover which they forced dave to sing even though he had no idea he was going to be put on the spot like that. they also played an even NEWER song that was amazing. i remember the end of the songs had some great 80's sounding back up vocals. this song is going to be featured on the OTTAWA GAGA COMPILATION that is being worked on by GOING GAGA RECORDS as we speak. bands are starting to record for it now and it's going to be a doozy. SEDATIVES had a really fun time playing and it was surprisingly enough our first basement show in ottawa. we ended the set by butchering EGG RAID ON MOJO and reluctantly(?) playing BORED TEENAGERS.

the new issue of STANDARD ISSUE was released and it's pretty good. this piece of trash gets better with every new issue and i'm sure it'll be no different when the next issue comes out. that issue will be the 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY issue and will feature a cover drawn by no other but DIRTY DONNY. if you don't know who this guy is you should really check out his stuff. hint: he's the guy who painted the huge frankenstein monster in the basement of the DOMINION. he's originally from OTTAWA but is now hanging out in CALIFORNIA doing art for people including getting hired to pain METALLICA's practice space or something of that nature. he had a lot of good things to say about STANDARD ISSUE on his blog which you can read HERE!

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