Saturday, February 28, 2009


holy moly! it may only be the end of february but thursday night's extravaganza will definitely be going down as one of the best of the year. in case you weren't there you missed out big time.

i was working the door for the first couple of bands so i couldn't really see what was going on. THE BEACH BLANKETS sounded awesome and apparently looked even better with their snappy cardigans. they sounded really good and super fun. i was busy so i didn't really hear much of TEENANGER. i got to get up and watch DEMON'S CLAWS and they sounded great.

the biggest surprise of the night was SMITH WESTERNS. when i first heard their songs online i had completely written them off as a BLACK LIPS rip-off band. so when they came out they had an uphill battle to fight for my love and affection. guess what? they won. they were absolutely amazing. insanely catchy songs that got everybody flipping out even though i can pretty much guarantee that none of them had ever heard them before which is quite a feat. even though it has nothing to do with my appreciation for this band's music it should probably be mentioned that all these kids are 18 and under. i'm sure they'll be putting out high quality records in one form or another for a while.

NOBUNNY came on afterwards and figuratively set the place on fire. people were going nuts from the first chords to the last cymbal hit. he came out crawling on his hands and knees wearing the hugest heels i've seen on a man and just destroyed. a lot of the songs were played way faster than on record but it suited the energy of the crowd. he played a bunch of songs from the LOVE VISIONS lp and a cover of SNEAKY PINKS' "i can't wait" and had to pull glass out of his feet between songs from all the onstage debris. the stage got invaded a couple of times, he got thrown into the crowd, everybody had fun.

here's a bunch of pictures by ANDREW CARVER & some from PIERRE RICHARDSON.

THANKS A LOT to everyone who came out to this show. there was a lot of people there and all the bands were super excited about the show. word travels fast and i'm sure a lot of great bands will be making a stop in OTTAWA to party with us.

THANKS to everyone who came out to RAMPAGE the next night. CHEESEBURGER SOUP was on the menu and so were some tasty jams courtesy of our guest dj MANDI a.k.a AUNTIE LOO. it was a fun time which ended marvelously in a few of us witnessing some man on man mouth love in the bathroom. GOOD TIMES!!!


gagawuzhere said...

ohh...mouth love.
I thought he was having a hard time peeing, and he needed some help to get the pee to come out.

... said...

we all have to siphon some pee out of someone at some point in our lives.