Saturday, February 28, 2009


holy moly! it may only be the end of february but thursday night's extravaganza will definitely be going down as one of the best of the year. in case you weren't there you missed out big time.

i was working the door for the first couple of bands so i couldn't really see what was going on. THE BEACH BLANKETS sounded awesome and apparently looked even better with their snappy cardigans. they sounded really good and super fun. i was busy so i didn't really hear much of TEENANGER. i got to get up and watch DEMON'S CLAWS and they sounded great.

the biggest surprise of the night was SMITH WESTERNS. when i first heard their songs online i had completely written them off as a BLACK LIPS rip-off band. so when they came out they had an uphill battle to fight for my love and affection. guess what? they won. they were absolutely amazing. insanely catchy songs that got everybody flipping out even though i can pretty much guarantee that none of them had ever heard them before which is quite a feat. even though it has nothing to do with my appreciation for this band's music it should probably be mentioned that all these kids are 18 and under. i'm sure they'll be putting out high quality records in one form or another for a while.

NOBUNNY came on afterwards and figuratively set the place on fire. people were going nuts from the first chords to the last cymbal hit. he came out crawling on his hands and knees wearing the hugest heels i've seen on a man and just destroyed. a lot of the songs were played way faster than on record but it suited the energy of the crowd. he played a bunch of songs from the LOVE VISIONS lp and a cover of SNEAKY PINKS' "i can't wait" and had to pull glass out of his feet between songs from all the onstage debris. the stage got invaded a couple of times, he got thrown into the crowd, everybody had fun.

here's a bunch of pictures by ANDREW CARVER & some from PIERRE RICHARDSON.

THANKS A LOT to everyone who came out to this show. there was a lot of people there and all the bands were super excited about the show. word travels fast and i'm sure a lot of great bands will be making a stop in OTTAWA to party with us.

THANKS to everyone who came out to RAMPAGE the next night. CHEESEBURGER SOUP was on the menu and so were some tasty jams courtesy of our guest dj MANDI a.k.a AUNTIE LOO. it was a fun time which ended marvelously in a few of us witnessing some man on man mouth love in the bathroom. GOOD TIMES!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

one way or another...

i was stoked about this find yesterday...

Monday, February 23, 2009


so last week was the last ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY at the BYTOWN. much like sharks have to keep moving to stay alive, so does RRPP. maybe we're scared of commitment and once we hit that dreaded 1 year anniversary, it's time to pack up our stuff and leave. this week, since on the rebound and we're not sure where to go we're heading over to our ex's house to sleep on the couch. we're just friends. we will be at BABYLON on the 26th. you'll probably already be there to see NOBUNNY, SMITH WESTERNS, DEMON'S CLAWS, TEENANGER & BEACH BLANKETS and hear the GAGA MAN spin some tunes betweens bands.

afterwards we're going to be doing a BLACK LIPS listening party for their new record 200 MILLION THOUSAND which means we'll be playing a few tracks from it and giving away some free shit including copies of the record. other than that, it's smooth sailing, regular RRPP shenanigans.

after everyone has recovered from that night of insanity, we'll be moving ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY back to CENTRETOWN. we'll be kicking it off with a great party that you'll hear about VERY SOON.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

live wires!!!

here's another WHITE WIRES video. this time it's a for the song "HA HA HOLIDAY" and was shot in SUDBURY by ERIC ESPIG on his cell phone. isn't technology amazing!?

i especially enjoy the shots of DAVEY sitting behind the drum set drinking beer, STATUES guys singing along & the MARACAS!!!

man, i really wish i was at that show. it looks like it was a blast! great job eric!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

take this job and love it.

this week at RRPP we've got THE JOB from toronto coming to rock for all y'all. they play amped up punk rock.

"Jittery, old Fashioned punk rock is The Job’s stock and trade. The arrogant, bastard love child of Joe Strummer and Andy Partridge; The Job snarl through songs of fighting and fucking. Born in the back of a record store, reared on the boozy teat of a brewery, Toronto’s The Job are accepting applications. Picture it: a sleepy southwestern Ontario town (London) at the turn of the century where a love of noise brought together four moderately attractive boys from good homes. Their fervent belief in rock & roll prevailed, and The Job was formed in 2007."

there maybe some surprise guests playing as well. who knows!?

it all goes down at the BYTOWN TAVERN at 11 pm on THURSDAY FEBRUARY 19TH.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

seen your video

THE WHITE WIRES have a music video for the song "GIRLY GIRLY GIRLY". it was directed and manipulated by MATT TRUDEL and shot in the green screen room located at CAPITAL REHEARSAL STUDIOS.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"you say you miss me, i'm drinking whiskey"

BRUISED TONGUE is a new label out of OTTAWA. the head honchos are none other than PIERRE & CRAIG of FUCKED CORPSE. their main focus will be cassette releases with the obligatory free download. their first cassette release will be the SAVAGE CRIMES ep which is a handful of songs recored by IAN of SUPPOSITORIES backed with a live set at a raging NEW YEAR'S EVE PARTY! you can hear the song "WHISKEY" from that tape and songs from some of their other releases here.

speaking of FUCKED CORPSE, i saw them play this weekend for the first time in years and let me tell you folks, i enjoyed what i heard. they played what i found out later was mostly new songs that we're upbeat and straight to the point. it probably has a lot to do with the fact that they have a lot less members. they even did a MUMMIES cover. woo-wee.

this weekend THE WHITE WIRES are playing a show with HILOTRONS at BABYLON on FRIDAY THE 13th so check that out and then head down to RAMPAGE down in the basement of JAMES ST PUB for some rocking tunes. there will be a special set of FRIDAY THE 13TH inspired tracks. i.e. MISFITS, 45 GRAVE, CHRISTIAN DEATH, etc. a tribute set to THE CRAMPS is also in order.

earlier in the evening, head on down to WINTERLEWD because SKID VICIOUS & LUKE NUCLEAR are invading the ICE CASTLE or whatever the hell it's called and spinning some tunes. let's see what we can pull off there. spike your hot chocolate, grab your skates and come on down and party with us.

SATURDAY you can check out a raging basement show with A LOT of bands. i'm talking TOO MANY bands but when you have 3 bands from out of town that people may not know you're gonna have to bring them in SOMEHOW.

anyway, KAVRAN PRODUCTIONS presents...


Set Times :

7:30-7:45 - Harsh Supplement
7:55-8:15 - The Dirty Nuns
8:25-8:45 - Four Stroke
8:55-9:15 - Vile Intent
9:25-9:45 - The Castevets
9:55-10:15 - Picked On

February 14th @ 62 Bell St. N (off of Somerset in Centertown/China Town). If buses are running take the #2 down Somerset. You can catch it at the Rideau Center or on Bank St. You can also take the #85 to Somerset/Bronson and walk up to Bell St.

7:00pm doors. $5-10 sliding donation for touring bands.

Show starts exactly at 7:30, so show up on time! Harsh Supplement starts the show off with a 15 minute set followed by every other band playing 20 minute sets. Since (like usual) the bylaw doesn't like noise past 11pm we're going to play the safe card again and have it done by 10:30 at the latest.

Come out and have a good time. Don't forgot to respect the house or be pulverized! Tyler and his friends are rad enough to let us use his house, so respect it!

links :
The Castevets ( )

Vile Intent ( )

Picked On ( )

Four Stroke ( )

The Dirty Nuns ( )

Harsh Supplement (FIRST SHOW! )


Monday, February 2, 2009


so THE CREEPS/SEDATIVES/STANDARD ISSUE show on saturday ruled. THE CREEPS absolutely destroyed it. i hope people who were there picked up their 7" because it rips. they played a few songs from the 7" and a cover which they forced dave to sing even though he had no idea he was going to be put on the spot like that. they also played an even NEWER song that was amazing. i remember the end of the songs had some great 80's sounding back up vocals. this song is going to be featured on the OTTAWA GAGA COMPILATION that is being worked on by GOING GAGA RECORDS as we speak. bands are starting to record for it now and it's going to be a doozy. SEDATIVES had a really fun time playing and it was surprisingly enough our first basement show in ottawa. we ended the set by butchering EGG RAID ON MOJO and reluctantly(?) playing BORED TEENAGERS.

the new issue of STANDARD ISSUE was released and it's pretty good. this piece of trash gets better with every new issue and i'm sure it'll be no different when the next issue comes out. that issue will be the 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY issue and will feature a cover drawn by no other but DIRTY DONNY. if you don't know who this guy is you should really check out his stuff. hint: he's the guy who painted the huge frankenstein monster in the basement of the DOMINION. he's originally from OTTAWA but is now hanging out in CALIFORNIA doing art for people including getting hired to pain METALLICA's practice space or something of that nature. he had a lot of good things to say about STANDARD ISSUE on his blog which you can read HERE!