Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wake Up Wakefield

Here's a little movie I made called "Wake Up Wakefield" which documents the "New Wave Hits Wakefield" which went down on January 3rd 2009. A school bus full of people headed over to Wakefield for an evening at Kaffe 1870 to see Suppositories, Mother's Children and The White Wires.

Suppositories started the night off with the best set I've ever seen them play. A lot of it probably has to do with the addition of Ilona from The Felines on rhythm guitar. They came out more confident and with more presence and intensity than I've ever seen from them. Having the second guitar filled out their sound a lot and made the guitar leads make more sense because guitar doesn't drop out completely during the solos anymore. Their songs are perfect blasts of minimalist punk and they played a bunch of songs from their 12". I'm pretty sure they played a new song called Napalm Girl or something. I look forward to the new songs they're going to write with the new line-up.

Mother's Children played next and absolutely killed it. They are a tight band and are good every time I see them but what really stuck out this show was a new song called "Don't Touch" that blew my mind. It was so catchy and amazing and I can't wait to hear it again. They are putting out their own debut 7" really soon which I'm looking forward to listening to.

The White Wires played last and had the place dancing up a storm. I love this band so much it's ridiculous. The songs are so catchy and perfect and I always have a huge smile on my face whenever I hear them. The lp is perfect and they of course played a bunch of songs from it. They ended a perfect show and a perfect night with a perfect set.


Wake Up Wakefield from capital distraction on Vimeo.


Jo Stockton said...

Nice camera work! At the beginning I wondered if you had a tripod because it was pretty steady, but by the end I figured you didn't :)

kj said...

awesome show, great job!!

ian said...

ALL HAIL the triumphant return of MANNY'S CAMERA!!!!!
nice work man!