Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"these walls won't keep me anywhere"

this saturday SEDATIVES & THE CREEPS are playing the STANDARD ISSUE launch party for issue #666. it's a house show and will be insanely tight and claustrophobic and a few people will die but it will definitely be worth it. it's at HONEYLANES which is located at 52 PARK ave. very close to where 59 argyle was i.e. off elgin near the police station.

this show will also serve as the release party for THE CREEPS - THESE WALLS 7" which is on BLACK PINT RECORDS. i was graciously hooked up with a copy and it is absolutely amazing. it's got a different feel than LAKESIDE CABIN. it feels way more urgent and intense with a different lyrical approach all about paranoia, fear, despair, anger and all the wonderful feelings one gets while living in a world that feels like a prison and under siege by an enemy so pervasive and enormous even though we aren't exactly sure who this enemy is. this record absolutely destroys and i'm proud of these guys for putting out such a great record and i can't wait for the next one.

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