Wednesday, January 28, 2009

all my friends are assholes...

check out MALE NURSE's record "ALL MY FRIENDS ARE ASSHOLES" for free by clicking here.

if you're not aware this DAVEY of MOTHER'S CHILDREN, MILLION DOLLAR MARXISTS, QUEBEXICO, ROBOT KILL CITY, ETC. solo project that he's been doing for a while. on the recordings there are additional instruments such as drums, banjo and keys that fill out the sound a lot. if you like what you hear, you should give me some money or something next time you see him. or at least a smile, a pat on the back and a "thanks for the record."

"I PREFER SLEEPING ALONE" is definitely my favorite track and i defy you to listen to it and not love that chorus.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"these walls won't keep me anywhere"

this saturday SEDATIVES & THE CREEPS are playing the STANDARD ISSUE launch party for issue #666. it's a house show and will be insanely tight and claustrophobic and a few people will die but it will definitely be worth it. it's at HONEYLANES which is located at 52 PARK ave. very close to where 59 argyle was i.e. off elgin near the police station.

this show will also serve as the release party for THE CREEPS - THESE WALLS 7" which is on BLACK PINT RECORDS. i was graciously hooked up with a copy and it is absolutely amazing. it's got a different feel than LAKESIDE CABIN. it feels way more urgent and intense with a different lyrical approach all about paranoia, fear, despair, anger and all the wonderful feelings one gets while living in a world that feels like a prison and under siege by an enemy so pervasive and enormous even though we aren't exactly sure who this enemy is. this record absolutely destroys and i'm proud of these guys for putting out such a great record and i can't wait for the next one.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

NOBUNNY loves you!!!

on FEBRUARY 26th OTTAWA will be ravaged by unruly savages. they run in packs and will swarm upon this fair city leaving it in rubble. these particular creatures are none other than the hot punk rock sensation NOBUNNY from OAKLAND who will be backed by CHICAGO's very own THE SMITH WESTERNS. NOBUNNY's record LOVE VISIONS made the top of a lot top ten lists for 2008. you can stream the whole record HERE!

"Every once in a while a record comes my way that I just can't stop listening to you know like an instant classic of sorts. Forget the bunny mask forget the wig forget the kinda corny gimmick . Behind all that lies some of the best lo-fi ramonesy punk slop I have heard in years. For sure the best record I own to jump around in your underwear and and eat pizza in bed to!" - JAY REATARD

also playing will be montreal DEMON'S CLAWS who haven't been back since the basement show they played at A&A SPEED SHOP last spring. they will be releasing their LOST IN THE DESERT lp which is a collection of rare tracks and demos at this show so be sure to pick that up. that record is being put out by TELEPHONE EXPLOSION records which is run by two members of TEENANGER who are coincidentally playing this show as well.

there couldn't be a better opening band for this show than THE BEACH BLANKETS. if you've missed the few shows they've already played you aren't going to want to miss this one. killer 50's rock & roll with punk attitude and a fun approach. they current and ex-members of MOTHER'S CHILDREN, HOLY COBRAS & THE FUNFUNS.

the show will be followed by a special edition of ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY which will be visiting it's old stomping grounds BABYLON NIGHTCLUB.

you aren't going to want to miss this.

Friday, January 23, 2009


thanks to everyone who came out to ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY last night. we're still going despite obvious adversity.

tonight is RAMPAGE down in the basement of JAMES ST PUB a.k.a. the ROCKER ROOM. we're going to have guest dj's SCRATCHOSAURUS WAX who will be playing the greatest music you've ever heard in your life! that's right, folks. the greatest.

on feb 7th at RAMPAGE we will be hosting the SAVAGE CRIMES tape release show. SAVAGE CRIMES will obviously be playing as well as FUCKED CORPSE. two members of FC are the ones who are putting out the tape on their label who's name i don't know. it's going to be a free show so you really don't have an excuse but i would recommend showing up early since capacity is low and the members of FUCKED CORPSE alone will take up half of it.

there's a lot of exciting shows coming our way but i'll save that for another day.

Monday, January 19, 2009


here's a little history lesson from MR. IAN MANHIRE of THE WIRES/SEDATIVES/GOING GAGA RECORDS/ETC regarding his band THE CRYPTOMANIACS. he sent this out to a few of his friends but i think a lot of people would be interested in this. reprinted WITHOUT permission.

"In 2007 when I returned from a christmas visit to Ottawa, I told the band that I had decided to move back, and would be gone by the end of the year. I told them that I wanted to do an LP in that year, and go on we started writing songs, and started recording about 2 weeks later. That winter, I got fed up at work, I decided that would be my last winter on that job, and I would return to Ottawa in the summer of 2007, 6 months sooner than originally planned. The recordings then became a burden, and we didn't want to be saddled with a $3000 bill for a band that would not even play a record release we just picked 4 songs, and made a 7".

I told my friends that I would stay until the records arrived, then do a house show, then I was out. After a couple of months waiting...ANDREW and I both quit our jobs and drove to ALASKA and all over the west coast in the meantime. Then in June of 2007, the records arrived. We played a MOUSE HOUSE (my home of 5 years, the CRYPTOS and SUICIDE WRISTS jam space, our party spot, and the local 59 ARGYLE) show afterparty after the SUICIDE WRISTS last show at the CASTLE...I think it was 3:30 when we finally started playing. Ha! that was our release party, and there was our 7".

As for the recordings, much of it was recorded in the basement of the MOUSE HOUSE...using all kinds of broken and crappy gear, plus the 1940's HAMMOND I had in the basement on a few of the tracks. The guitar was recorded in the concrete unfinished basement of an empty suburban mansion...with mics almost 200 feet apart!

Anyways, this is it...the album that never made it to wax. We did however stuff the first 50 copies of the record we sold with a cdr version of these recordings. "

For any of you interested in hearing this album, you can download it here.


"The CRYPTOMANIACS started at the end of 2004...I had been in a band called the NICOTEENAGERS for a few years...we were a house party was with that insane curly haired dude JOHNNY who came to visit this summer. I played the drums. We were some kind of garage/party band. Lots of surf style garage stuff, kinda punk style too. JOHNNY moved to VANCOUVER, and on his last night out, he met ANDREW, probably by insulting him, then told him that he had a band and he thought we should jam together, anyway, ANDREW called me the next day, introduced himself over the phone. I invited him over, we bought some 40's and started jamming. He had never been in a band before, but had this AMAZING voice and cool fucked up ELVIS kind of thing he could do with his voice…kinda echoey…I liked that a lot. He had some cool ideas, so we made some recordings that night, and booked a show with our friends the NIGHTSTALKERS and the DIABETICS.

Originally, I had intended to play guitar or organ, but we couldn't find a drummer, so I ended up playing drums, and ANDREW sang. We were really into rockabilly and surf, but wanted to fuck it up more, punk style, still a garage band, but from space! No matter what style we wanted to play in, it was always a purpose for the music to be catchy, minimal, and weird enough that made it different. We made some original recordings as a 3 piece with our buddy CARSON, I over dubbed the organs. We played a pile of shows, recorded a demo, partied a LOT!

Then we got a new bass player, our other buddy JOHNNY, and hooked up with this dude who introduced himself and offered to bring his FARFISA over!!! We were like a gang! it was friends ya know!!!

We wound up in some insane places! and played some really neat shows, 80 some shows! Like the 3 day drug binge in the woods with 40 bands! the 40 cover song triple set three nights in a row halloween affair! the play we wrote the music for and toured with! The LILAC FESTIVAL street party! Art galleries! Private stampede parties, birthday parties! The wedding! The mountain truck stops! the last ROCK CENTRAL show before getting torn down!(the home of FUBAR) and the countless MOUSE HOUSE shows! So many fun shows!

At the beginning, it was mostly ANDREW writing our songs, and I chipped in a couple organ instrumentals, and the weird space noise instrumental shit. Then, one day after our show in Ottawa, I decided that I wanted to sing and play the drums. So we learned a FUZZTONES cover…SHE’S WICKED, and from there I started writing songs and singing. I think the first one I actually wrote through with lyrics was GOOD ENOUGH FOR GARBAGE, then ENCOUNTERS, then the TEEN INVASION. I mean, I was always involved in the song writing process, and would contribute my 2 cents at EVERY opportunity as some of you may well be familiar with! And I had written several instrumental songs for the band, but the whole idea of writing an entire song was a progression for me, that I learned while hanging out with the CRYPTOMANIACS. Now, it’s one of my favourite things to do!!!

I had been involved in the whole democratic song writing process a lot, but something about that always bugged me. Maybe I’m too closed. I’m definitely narcissistic, but I don’t mind, I like it that way. I’ve got a juvenile obsession with ideas! I am really interested in the concept. From beginning to end, I like the concept of a song.

So here is the process, this is part of what lead me to the WHITE WIRES and SEDATIVES. Also in the mix, that I will write about some day, is my involvement in the SUICIDE WRISTS…a band that changed my perception PROFOUNDLY!
I’m sure the partying had a great deal to do with the profound perception altering too!!!

Here are some other oddities and samples of other recordings we did.
These are in a chronological order.


I started the WHITE WIRES and the SEDATIVES
ANDREW started the FUN FUNS

Go listen to ‘em on myspace…the FUN FUNS & THEE THEMS are both KILLER!!!!!!
Records are on the way in 2009!!! "


Monday, January 12, 2009


thursday january 15th: ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY at BYTOWN. 11 pm/19+/free.

they started renovations since YUK YUK'S is going to start doing shows. as far as we know RRPP will continue there indefinitely.


FUCKED UP are the hippest band around right now. SUPPOSITORIES & CRITICAL CONVICTIONS are two great local bands that will definitely give FU something to top. who knows if they can do it?

friday january 16th: RAMPAGE at ROCKER ROOM (james st pub basement). 11 pm/19+/free.

another weekly dj night. we play a little bit of everything. 5 bottles of beer in a bucket for $20. it's fun.

saturday january 17th: MAGIC CHRISTIAN (members of FLAMIN' GROOVIES, BLONDIE, THE PLIMSOULS), SONIC AVENUES & MOTHER'S CHILDREN at babylon. 11 pm/19+/$8 advance/$10 at door.

legends converge to create power pop perfection. if you're a fan of FLAMIN' GROOVIES you'll definitely dig MAGIC CHRISTIAN. SONIC AVENUES & MOTHER'S CHILDREN are worth the price of admission alone.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Magic Christian!

MAGIC CHRISTIAN hails from SAN FRANCISCO and features some serious major players in the power pop/punk/new wave music scene. MAGIC CHRISTIAN includes CYRIL JORDAN who is one of the founders of rock n' roll legends THE FLAMIN' GROOVIES on guitar, CLEM BURKE who played drums for new wave giants BLONDIE and EDDIE MUNOZ on bass who used to play in early 80's power pop greats THE PLIMSOULS. they are fronted by PAUL KOPF who brought the band together to create a true POWER POP SUPER GROUP!

SONIC AVENUES are from Montreal and play insanely catchy fuzzed out garage-influenced punk rock. they have rocked a few big basement shows in this city in the last year and have always put on a tremendous show and will definitely not disappoint.

MOTHER'S CHILDREN are one of the best bands in ottawa right now and have only been together for half a year. it doesn't hurt that they've all put time in other great ottawa bands namely THE SICK FITS and MILLION DOLLAR MARXISTS. they play punk-tinged rock n' roll that is a cross of 60's pop rock and 70's power pop/punk that will get you moving.

317 BANK ST.
11 pm.
$8 advance (available at Birdman/Vertigo/Sounds Unlikely/End Hits/RRPP) or $10 at the door

in summation:




Wake Up Wakefield

Here's a little movie I made called "Wake Up Wakefield" which documents the "New Wave Hits Wakefield" which went down on January 3rd 2009. A school bus full of people headed over to Wakefield for an evening at Kaffe 1870 to see Suppositories, Mother's Children and The White Wires.

Suppositories started the night off with the best set I've ever seen them play. A lot of it probably has to do with the addition of Ilona from The Felines on rhythm guitar. They came out more confident and with more presence and intensity than I've ever seen from them. Having the second guitar filled out their sound a lot and made the guitar leads make more sense because guitar doesn't drop out completely during the solos anymore. Their songs are perfect blasts of minimalist punk and they played a bunch of songs from their 12". I'm pretty sure they played a new song called Napalm Girl or something. I look forward to the new songs they're going to write with the new line-up.

Mother's Children played next and absolutely killed it. They are a tight band and are good every time I see them but what really stuck out this show was a new song called "Don't Touch" that blew my mind. It was so catchy and amazing and I can't wait to hear it again. They are putting out their own debut 7" really soon which I'm looking forward to listening to.

The White Wires played last and had the place dancing up a storm. I love this band so much it's ridiculous. The songs are so catchy and perfect and I always have a huge smile on my face whenever I hear them. The lp is perfect and they of course played a bunch of songs from it. They ended a perfect show and a perfect night with a perfect set.


Wake Up Wakefield from capital distraction on Vimeo.