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Monday, December 28, 2009

"When the opening band breaks out I'm gonna lose my mind!"



Video courtesy of THE DISTRACTION.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


This post is dedicated to 6 or 7 bands that broke up this year.

THE BEACH BLANKETS played amped up 50's rock n' roll. There most memorable and also unmemorable shows were a fury of drunken antics coming from the singers while the rest of the band stood back and kept the music and the beat driving. They played their first show on November 22nd 2008 at the Rocker Room for Holy Cobras' tape release show. They played their last show this summmer on August 26th at Leaky Pipes since Andrew was moving back to Calgary.

ZEBRASSIERES was definitely one of my favorite local bands during the short time that they were around.Featuring two ex-Calgarians that moved here in the fall. They played insanely catchy punk with a Devo feel. I loved this band an insane amount. They broke up because Sarah left for Calgary which made everyone sad. They played their first show on april 17th which was MOTHER'S CHILDREN's 7" release party. They played GAGA WEEKEND 2 in June and played 3 shows in July one of which was their last show ever. The only thing that makes me not want to die is the fact that their recording should be resurfacing VERY soon and I'll be able to listen to their songs whenever I want.
Here's a video from their first show. It isn't very good quality but I'll take it.

There's a really great video of them playing GAGA WEEKEND 2 here but you might not be able to see it if you aren't on facebook.

THE FELINES were Ottawa's girl group extraordinaire. They played garage/surf rock and played a lot of instrumentals and covers. They played tons of shows and recorded a bunch of songs. They had one song come out on the GAGA COMPILATION and also have a posthumous cassette coming out on BRUISED TONGUE of the lp they recorded but weren't able to put out before they broke up. They played their last show at GAGA WEEKEND 2.

FUCKED CORPSE also came to an untimely end. They have been around for several years in several different incarnations but the most recent line-up was definitely the best by far in my opinion. They played their last show not even really knowing that that show would end up being their last. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, their last show was definitely one of the best I've seen from them. A particularly intense and charged show which took place in their home base Leaky Pipes. Here's an old video of them playing their old home base 59 Argyle.

SAVAGE CRIMES also called it quits this year. They played trashy garage punk and Todd was an incredibly entertaining front man. They formed out of the ashes of the SWEET JANES with a couple members starting the HOLY COBRAS and the Jesse and Todd starting SAVAGE CRIMES. They played their first show at ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY in MARCH 2008 opening up THE VISITORS cd release show. After a while, the original drummer was replaced with Matt Cosgrove and then the band really took off in my opinion. They released a rager of a tape on BRUISED TONGUE but I always preferred the newer stuff that they were playing that didn't appear on the tape. One of those songs was on the OTTAWA GAGA compilation. Their last show was the same night as FUCKED CORPSE's last show and I remember them sounding really good that night so they also went out on a high note.
The only video of them I could find is them covering THE CRYPTOMANIACS "eyeballs" at the MOTHER'S CHILDREN 7" release show.

NERVOUS SYSTEM shared a drummer with FUCKED CORPSE & SAVAGE CRIMES and similarly bit the dust when Cosgrove moved away. I'm spotting a bit of a trend here. They played awesome wild swirling guitar rock and put out a mostly improvised tape on BRUISED TONGUE called "Burning White Light" that was recently re-issued and looks amazing. Pick one up today! Also, I gave this band their name and I'm officially stealing it back and will use it again a few years from now.

MILLION DOLLAR MARXISTS also sort of called it quits this year. They were more or less done and then reunited for the first GAGA WEEKEND then a year later for the second GAGA WEEKEND and a few months later played a couple of shows as part of an art show with their good friend DIRTY DONNY back in October. I'm assuming this show was the final nail in the coffin.

While crawling around searching for videos I found a cool video documenting some of the bands playing the Saturday day and night shows of GAGA WEEKEND 2 and features 3 of the bands I've just eulogized.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

We Destroy The Family: Punk Vs Parents!

"Just cause we're different they have a spazz attack!"

"Now they are punks and it's a big problem."

"Unfortunately by the time she had satisfied her curiosity with punk, she became a punk."

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Creatures Are Stirring!

Last night was a really fun time. Thanks to everyone who came out to check out CHANDELIERS and BIG DICK. You won't be hearing from them for several months so if you missed out, you won't be seeing them for a while.

Don't forget about the show at ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY tonight!


I haven't seen THE GIRLFRIENDS in a long time so I'm looking forward to hearing some new stuff and MOTHER'S CHILDREN hasn't played in months so it's gonna be great to see them again.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We ended up....

I've been watching this video a bunch lately. Didn't really know much about LANCE LOUD/MUMPS before this but definitely worth looking into.

Don't forget BIG DICK/CHANDELIERS at Babylon tonight! 10 pm! It's gonna get wild!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Spent a slow moving Sunday watching Archers of Loaf videos. You probably don't care. This one's for me.

"Web In Front" - Icky Mettle

"Might" - Icky Mettle

"What Did You Expect" - 7"

"Lowest Part Is Free" - Vs. The Greatest Of All Time

"Harnessed In Slums" - Vee Vee

"Underachievers March And Fight Song" - Vee Vee

Friday, December 18, 2009


Couple of things going on this Saturday....

SEASON'S BEATINGS is a night of holiday insanity. Tons of insane things going on...

"Season's Beatings Christmas Recital
Sat Dec 19 Irenes Ottawa.

MANPOWER (12 - 1)
THUNDER UNCLE (9:30 - 10)

> Manadian Meat tree decorating
> Dog Fight - Hot dog eating contest
> Colouring Contest
> Celebrity xmas messages

---Plus Plus---
Manadian Idol - Sex Pistols Edition:
Nick Shaw (buried Inside)
Mary Ellis (singer song writer, sexual overtones burlesque)
The Unknown Wrestler (from parts unknown)
Who will be the next Manadian Idol?"

Should be a blast!

If you live in Centretown you will probably want to stay warm and have a blast at MELTIN' POT.

"The snow is here so come kick it off your winter moonstompin' boots on the Meltin' Pot dancefloor to the endless flow of vintage underplayed ska soul stompers, garage rockers, boppin' blues & boogaloo, afro, yé yé, mod monsters, rocksteady riddims & funky four corners,
provided by...

DJ Mark N. (RRPP, Bloozenight, Rocksteady Cool Thurs.)
DJ Whitey (Ska/Soul/Rock&Roll Soundystem)
DJ Ska-t (Ska/Soul/Rock&Roll, Jet Set '68, Rocksteady Cool Thurs)
DJ Stéphane The Man (Boozeday, Jet Set '68, Up For A Downslide)

Enjoy a few pints of the Atomic Roosters' Holiday cheer from the excellent selection of euro brews on tap or by the can."

Atomic Rooster (303 Bank st.) Starts at 9:30.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Here are a couple of videos from a great Swedish band called MASSHYSTERI.

Here's the video for MONOTON TID

and here's the video for TVIVEL

Both of these songs appear on their self-titled 7" as well as on their lp VAR DEL AV STAN both of which came out on NY VAG RECORDS.

Here's an interview I did with them that originally appeared in STANDARD ISSUE #7.


THE BORDER. If there's one thing that makes me uncomfortable and gives me an awful feeling in the pit of my stomach it's crossing the border that divides Canada and the U.S.A. Probably rooted in the fact that crossing the border with a band is the scariest thing ever because if you get caught, fun's over. You won't be crossing anytime soon. I found myself having to cross the border to go see MASSHYSTERI from Umea, Sweden because, surprise surprise, they didn't want to have to deal with that gut ache either. Fair enough. Since they weren't coming to play anywhere near here, we borrowed a friend's van and filled it with a small group of people excited to go see one of the best punk bands going today. It's all fun and games until we reach the border and are asked to pull in. We are asked how we know each other, what we do for a living, why I don't have my own vehicle and how do I even get to work without one? They go through our passports thoroughly, checking our records one by one. Someone's name matches a convict or a missing person in Texas or something but it's dismissed quickly thankfully. After what seems like an interminable wait we are granted the privilege to enter their wonderful country. I'm intrigued by the fact that President Obama's picture was oddly not present just an old nail where the picture of the last president once proudly overlooked the waiting room. We drive to Syracuse, hoping that we haven't missed them. We get there as the second last band is finishing their last couple of songs. Perfect. MASSHYSTERI deliver an awesome set comprised of most of the songs from their lp and 4 songs from their previous band THE VICIOUS. The crowd reaction seems pretty mild. I like the fact that the 7 of us are the ones up front having a good time but it just reminds me that without that border the band could have maybe come to our city where the reaction would have been much better. After the set I asked ROBERT (guitar, vocals) and ERIK (drums) a couple of questions...

What was the transition between MASSHYSTERI and THE VICIOUS like?

Robert : It was natural. One led right into another.

Was there a clear break-up or was there always a plan to start a new band?

Robert : THE VICIOUS kind of led to an end. We grew into each other. At the time THE VICIOUS was ending, the other band was starting.

Was using a VICIOUS song title as a band name intentional to tie the two bands?

Robert: I just think it was a good name for a band in Swedish. During the U.S. tour I started thinking about singing in Swedish instead of English. I didn't spend much time writing lyrics for THE VICIOUS. I just wrote it then sang it for people who spoke English much better than I did. Then I was like" why am I doing this to myself and I started writing in Swedish and that's how it evolved.

It seems like a lot of bands from Sweden are starting to sing in Swedish. Did a lot of the bands in Umea talk amongst each other ? I know the LOST PATROL BAND (who Robert plays bass for - ed.) is now singing solely in Swedish.

Robert : We were the first band to change from English to Swedish. We did that for a while and it felt pretty good. People started to get the point of singing your own words. About the LOST PATROL BAND starting to sing in Swedish - I talked to Dennis a bunch and told him it's better to sing in Swedish because he has a lot to say and it's better to sing in Swedish to express those thoughts than come up with a bunch of clichés.

Erik : Many people get influenced by each other. I think it's just one of those things. People in Sweden will see someone singing in Swedish and will say "Hey, I can relate to this." When bands sing in English I can't really relate to it.

Do you think bands sing in English to be accepted on a wider scale? Or is mostly because punk rock is generally sung in English so they just follow suit?

Robert : English is kind of a natural rock n' roll language and for a lot of people it's not natural to sing in Swedish.

Erik - Many people want to reach an international audience and they'd like to tour so it may be easier if they sing in English.

It seems like Swedish punk is getting a lot of recognition in North America and Swedish bands are getting popular there. Did the fact that you already had a focus on you help to change to Swedish knowing that people would follow along?

Robert : I didn't think anything about a career move or anything like that. I just felt like I had to do something true to myself. People can like it if they want to. If they don't, I'm fine with that too.

Did your lyrical subjects change at all?

I started singing a lot more about feelings and personal stuff. It's a lot easier to describe feelings in the words that you use when you're experiencing them.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holiday Calendar

Here's what's going on that may be of interest to you if you read this thing...

DEC 23rd: BIG DICK (first show! ex-M$M/Van Johnson) & CHANDELIERS @ BABYLON. 10pm/19+/Donations.

DEC 24th: MOTHER'S CHILDREN (first show in months) & THE GIRLFRIENDS @ RRPP (Atomic Rooster). 10pm/19+

Dec 25th: Drinking at the Dom.



Dec 28th: THE WHITE WIRES (2 year anniversary/last show for a long time), THE VISITORS & PEACH KELLI POP (2nd show/last show for a long time) @ BYTOWN TAVERN (Yuk Yuk's). 10pm/19+/$5

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Terminal Love

BORED TO DEATH was fun last night. It was great to hang out and listen to great punk songs all night. I'm looking forward to checking it out again next time it happens.

I'm in love with TERMINAL LOVE by THE BOYS. Such a great song!

Also, I didn't realize it but the post I made with THE VISITORS video was my 200th! Holy Crap! It's been almost two years that I've been posting on here. Crazy!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


THE VISITORS have their very own official music video! The video is for the song "Cruisin'!" from their Lost On The Globe cd. It is a triumph of modern cinema and will probably be talked about for centuries. Make sure to watch it in HD!

Don't forget to come see THE VISITORS play with PEACH KELLI POP and THE WHITE WIRES at the Bytown Tavern on the 28th!!!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bored To Death

There is a new monthly Punk DJ night called BORED TO DEATH that is starting this Friday at Ritual. The night is being hosted by four guys who definitely know their way around good punk records so I'm looking forward to hearing what they have to spin.

I've never been to Ritual so I'm interested to see what the set up is like and how a night like this works out in a nightclub like that.

Here's what they have to say:

"Your good looking friends Dan, Ken, Ian & Mike are spinning nothing but punk hits and rarities in the basement at Ritual. This is going to be a monthly event, happening on the second Friday of each month.

Cover is $2, but don't fret because bottles of Labbatt 50 are $4 and shots of Jäger are $4.25. A price you won't find anywhere else on a Friday night aside from your dad's basement!

This edition is a toy/non-perishable food drive so please bring a little something for the less fortunate kids so they aren't "Bored To Death" on Christmas.

Ritual is located at the corner of Besserer & Dalhousie."

See you there!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Big Dick.


They are a bass and drum duo that plays some pretty wild songs that are pretty full sounding despite having so few members. They've got a few songs you can hear by clicking HERE.

They also have their first show ever coming up at the end of the month on December 23rd at Babylon with CHANDELIERS. Do not miss it because they won't be playing for a while after this so it might be your one chance to see them!

Monday, November 30, 2009

"Kick her in the dirt!"

Check out this video of STRANGE ATTRACTOR doing a cover of "Kick Her In The Dirt" by BIG BALLS & THE GREAT WHITE IDIOT.

Big Balls and the Great White Idiot was one of the first and best known German punk rock bands. They were founded in Hamburg in 1975 by Peter Grund (drums,vocals, text), "Baron Adolf Kaiser" (vocals),Wolfgang Lorenz (guitar) and the Grund brothers, Alfred (bass, vocals) and Atli (guitar). The charismatic head of the band was the drummer and songwriter Peter. "Baron Adolf" provoked the audience by wearing a Nazi uniform and a black moustache as an expression of anarchy. Performances on stage were highly aggressive; the band was known to shout at the audience to go home. Punk News magazine called the sound "mean and ugly."

The first album was released in 1977 by Teldec, named Big Balls. Among the 17 songs were a cover version of the Sex Pistols' "Anarchy in the U.K.", in this case "Anarchy in Germany," and another of Velvet Underground. In 1978 the second album Foolish Guys followed. The next two albums, Artikel 1 and Creepy Shades, were released by their own label Balls Records, the latter bringing a change in sound away from punk."

Hear the original by clicking HERE.

STRANGE ATTRACTOR has a bunch of records coming out very soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Meltin' Pot!

So if you haven't gotten a ticket for THE ACTION/WHITE WIRES show tonight, you probably aren't getting in unless you get there early enough to get one of the tickets at the door. But don't despair because you can still see the matinee show at 3 pm and check out THE ACTION/SUPPOSITORIES instead.

Also, you still have something to do tonight because you can head down to the ATOMIC ROOSTER for MELTIN' POT. You'll hear tons of Stirred up R&B, Ska, Northern Soul, Rocksteady, Ye Ye, Afrobeat, Mod, Garage and Blues.

"The Meltin' Pot is back on the stove for your drinking & dancing pleasure at the Atomic Rooster, Saturday November 28th!

4 boss DJ's spinning the dusty grooves all night:

DJ Scott (Ska/Soul/Rock&Roll Soundsystem, Jet Set '68)
DJ Mark (RRPP, Roosters Blues night, Aloha Rm.)
DJ Stephane The Man (Jet Set '68, CHUO's Up For A Downslide)
DJ Whitey (Ska/Soul/Rock&Roll Soundsystem)

and Atomic Rooster has one of the best line up's of euro beers on tap and by the tall can!"

It starts at 9:30 and there is no cover.

I've been listening to this song over and over all week.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Action Reunion Shows

On Saturday November 28th, The White Wires will be opening for THE ACTION who are a punk rock band from Ottawa that started in 1977. If you want to read a brief history on THE ACTION check out the post I put up a way back in March 2008 by clicking HERE.

This is THE ACTION's first show in many a year.

The White Wires are opening the Saturday night show. Tickets are $15 dollars and are available at BIRDMAN SOUND. I would highly recommend buying a ticket if you want to go because this will most definitely sell out. Doors at 9 pm.

But have no fear because they are also playing a Sunday matinee with SUPPOSITORIES as the openers. Tickets for that show are only $10. Doors at 3 pm.

There's an overload of media regarding this show. Check it out...

Capital Xtra!

Ottawa Sun

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Did you forget my name?"

DIRTNAP RECORDS posted a sampler that you can download for FREE which features their current bands that have just put out records as well as some songs from their back catalog.

Why should YOU care? Because this sampler contains an UNRELEASED song by the one and only WHITE WIRES!

There are a lot of great bands on this label and I'm really excited that THE WHITE WIRES will be releasing their next lp on this label.

Download it by clicking HERE.

Mean Jeans – Born On A Saturday Night
Marked Men – Fix My Brain
Impulse International – Hey Girl
Something Fierce – On Your Own
Goodnight Loving – Nothing Conquers Us
The Returnables – What Would Mother Say?
The Raydios – Are You Ready?
The Estranged – Middle Of The Night
Psyched To Die – Conditioned To Fail
Beat Beat Beat – Psycho
The Girls – Transfer Station
High Tension Wires – Tokyo Is Burning Down
River City Tanlines – Black Knight
The White Wires – Did You Forget My Name? (unreleased!)
Mind Spiders – Worlds Destroyed (unreleased!)


Monday, November 23, 2009

"I'm moving up and I'm moving out"

Last night I headed down to 373 Bronson Street to check out an awesome basement show.

(Isaac is a mad man.)

The show was opened up by last minute addition THE VANISHING ACT. I was surprisingly a lot more into them than I was the last time I saw them. Insane metallic hardcore with a bit of grind thrown in. They sound like what I imagine would be the sound you would hear if both sides of the MORSER/THE SWARM split 7" came together as a singular entity.

Things got switched up completely when YEAR ZERO came on next. This band is really great and their tape is amazing. What I love about them especially is that they get better every single time that I see them. The songs seems tighter, the performances more confident and this time they even played a couple of new songs which were amazing. If you aren't familiar with this band check out their myspace page cause you can listen to their entire "No Tongue For Eros" tape which you can later pick up from BRUISED TONGUE records.

Next up was BARRIER from Montreal/Ottawa. I haven't seen these guys play in a really long time. They have gotten a new drummer since the last time I saw them and it makes a HUGE difference. The old songs are way more powerful sounding and the new songs are way more intense and complex. The new songs got me really excited. This band rips hard and clearly play from the heart and is a band who is perfect to see play in a basement . If you aren't familiar with them I'd urge you to check them out although I don't think the songs on their myspace do them justice at all.

I unfortunately had to miss the last two bands so I can't tell you anything about AFTER THE FALL and FROM THE DEPTHS who were both on tour from out of town.

All photos by PAUL GALIPEAU.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Blogging Gaga!

Going Gaga Records now has a blog. I'm happy that this happened because Ian has been making great posts with the history of every release on the label so far with pictures to accompany it all.

Here's what he has to say:

So Tom and his Fox friends over at myspace destroyed all my paypal buttons...little bastards. Whatevs. GOING GAGA RECORDS has a new home. I'm gonna keep the myspace going for obvious reasons, like being a link, and still a good music player, but this is where all the ordering is gonna be.

I thought it was the right time to get a little more organized, try and put this website together. I even divulged an entire ten dollar bill and secured WWW.GOINGGAGARECORDS.COM!!!

In the next few months there will be a LOT of new records on the way. I think you're gonna be floored once you hear this stuff! Coming up right away are the WALNUT KIDS 45, the JOLIETTES 45, and the SONIC AVENUES LP!!!

So here you have it...!!!
Have a look around, let me know what you think.
See ya soon!
I am very excited for his 3 new upcoming releases and I can't wait for them to hit my turntable!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Speed It Up!!!

STEVE ADAMYK just posted a couple of new songs on his myspace page. If you aren't familiar he's the dude who was in such bands as MILLION DOLLAR MARXISTS, URANIUM COMEBACK, SEDATIVES, TOKEN, HANDICAP 5 and probably countless other shitty high school punk bands. His backing bands includes two other prolific members Dave Williams (FUCKING MACHINES, SEDATIVES, YEAR ZERO) and Davey Quesnelle (MALE NURSE, MOTHER'S CHILDREN, CLOVEN HOOFS, CHANDELIERS).

The first single - Speed It Up b/w 20/20 is coming out on P.TRASH records very soon.

He's just announced and posted a couple of songs that will be coming on a single on another german label RED LOUNGE records. RED LOUNGE has put out records by the likes of LOVER!, DIGITAL LEATHER and STRANGE ATTRACTOR.

Here's the artwork for the P.TRASH single.

Even though he has two records on the way, Steve Adamyk and his band have yet to play a show. Look for that situation to be rectified some time in the very near future.

Pretentious Assholes...

Check out this awesome blog from Ottawa. It's called WE ARE PRETENTIOUS ASSHOLES and anyone familiar with a certain record by POISON IDEA will be able to infer that this blog is indeed about RECORD COLLECTING.

Spencer has been making a bunch of posts regarding records he owns, records he wants, records he's recently purchased and even records he isn't going to buy on ebay because the sellers are liars.

Definitely check it out if you like punk rock and you like records. I'll be checking back very often since Spencer is very good at regularly updating. I should try to be more like him in that regard.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So it's been a somewhat insane last few weeks. Days after my last post, some enterprising friends and I drove to Gainesville, Florida to attend THE FEST 8. It was an amazing time and I saw some amazing bands. Sequentially they were: AMERICAN STEEL, SHANG-A-LANG, TORCHE, 7 SECONDS, BANNER PILOT, DEAR LANDLORD, COPYRIGHTS, TOYS THAT KILL, DILLINGER FOUR, SNUFF, USED KIDS, WHISKEY & CO., DEEP SLEEP, THE TIM VERSION, SICK SICK BIRDS, UNDERGROUND RAILROAD TO CANDYLAND, FLESHIES, THE ARRIVALS & TILTWHEEL. It was an absolute blast and definitely worth the hours and hours of being crammed in a car.

Minutes after arriving home after a day and a half of driving back I moved all of my stuff into my new apartment. I now have a new home base and I'm really happy about that. I didn't get around to getting the internet installed until now so that explains the big hold up. I figure not too many people were upset about it.

On November 14th, the LEAKY PIPES gang did what they do best and put on an amazing house show.

I missed out on most of the show but I did get to catch ARMY OF SAINT JOAN absolutely kill it. They sounded really great and I enjoyed seeing them play in a cramped living room. I also saw DEAD WIFE who have greatly improved since I saw them play in Montreal several months ago. They were really great and I look forward to hearing their tape.

Check out pictures of the show taken Dave Forcier HERE.

Last night I had the pleasure of checking out CHANDELIERS first show. They played for free at Babylon as part of BOOZEDAYS which is a night they have every tuesday. Dj's spinning good tunes and every now and then bands playing on the floor. CHANDELIERS play total 90's insano-guitar rock. Think DRIVE LIKE JEHU meets DAYDREAM NATION insanity with something weirder/wilder/crazier like RYE COALITION or something. They totally killed it and I'm looking forward to seeing them play again.

I will ideally be updating this a lot more frequently so feel free to keep checking. I'll try to not disappoint.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cut UP!!!

Last night was the big DIRTY DONNY/MILLION DOLLAR MARXISTS blowout at BABYLON.

There was a lot of lipstick on boys and man love and also they typical general mayhem that goes down at a lot of shows in this city especially when the MARXISTS are involved.

THE FUCKING MACHINES opened up the show and completely destroyed as usual. They are an under-appreciated band that shred some awesome 80's style hardcore. I find it weird that all the hardcore kids in this city don't flip out over this band. Get hip to them while they're still around. Who else in this city covers BAD BRAINS!? If you know of anyone, I'd like to know!

The MILLION DOLLAR MARXISTS came out and did their thing and did it well. They always put on an entertaining show but I think that this might be their last. We'll see maybe they'll drag their carcasses out and shake them around once again to the delight of everyone.

Shit got pretty out of control. Apparently they covered BREED as an encore and people flipped out. I was out of commission by then which also explains the fact that I never mentioned DIRTY DONNY's art once.

PIERRE RICHARDSON took a bunch of amazing pictures that will let you know what went down last night if you weren't there or if you were there but can't remember everything. As you go through the pictures try to spot the two people who spent the whole day drinking together.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Girlfriends

(photo by Pierre Richardson)

I took a little trip down to THE GIRLFRIENDS myspace page to see if they had anything new up and lo and behold they did!

ROBIN HOOD is a 48 second blast of garage punk with a catchy little xylophone line in it. Short and to the point. I really like it. More short songs!!!!


I'm looking forward to seeing what else they have up their sleeves. I haven't seen them in several months I'll have to check them out next time they play.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Art Punk?

So if you aren't familiar with artist DIRTY DONNY you should probably familiarize yourself. He's from Ottawa but now lives in California where he does art for many different people such as THE HELLACOPTERS, VANS and not to mention a little band called METALLICA who he has done a lot of work for. You've probably seen his art hanging on the walls as well as the huge Frankenstein at the bottom of the stairs of the Dominion Tavern.

He's coming back to Ottawa as part of his traveling art show and guess who's gonna be traveling around with him? The one and only MILLION DOLLAR MARXISTS!

This is going to be a blast. Anyone who's seen the MARXISTS play knows they put on an amazing show and i'm sure this will be no exception. All for the paltry sum of 5 dollars!

Dirty Donny will have screen prints and other art for sale too.

It all goes down Saturday October 24th at BABYLON. See you there!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Things to look at and/or listen to..

I just got word that HUMAN EYE is performing live on WNYU 89.1 FM from 8 pm to 9 pm. Check it out if you're interested.


Here's another video of THE WHITE WIRES playing at GONERFEST 6 in Memphis!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


To start off, right click this link then click on "open in new tab" then press the play button and listen to the song. It will be the soundtrack to you reading this post. It's a new song from STEVE ADAMYK who you may know from MILLION DOLLAR MARXISTS, SEDATIVES, URANIUM COMEBACK, HANDICAP 5, etc. What a catchy song!

There's a couple of cool shows this FRIDAY. I'm going to try to go to both.

First off,

(from Sweden! Ex Satanic Surfers. sounds like Regulations)


(from Montreal. Ex Ballast. New LP)

(old Halifax Death/Thrash Metal)

@ hullbastard house
264 des allumetieres in hull
7 pm
$6-8 donation (3 outta town bands fuck)

*if you plan on being really drunk or fucked up,dont come!

This house may be in Hull but it's really close. Just take the Alexandria Bridge and go straight on Boulevard Des Allumettieres and you're basically there.

There's also a free show at the Montgomery Legion Hall featuring:



Doors are at 8. Music at 9:30.


if you have a BLACK FLAG tattoo BARRED FOR LIFE is a book about people with BLACK FLAG tattoos and the stories behind them. They are currently touring across CANADA and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and will be heading to EUROPE very soon.

If you want your tattoo in the book or just want to hang out with a bunch of punk rockers, head down to END HITS at around 7 pm.

Here's the facebook event for it.

If you don't have a BLACK FLAG tattoo but want one in time, talk to B-RAD he can hopefully tattoo you in someone's kitchen this week.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


The show last night was insane. Tons of people were there who I've never really seen before which means the article that ran this week in the local rag got some peoples' attention so it was worthwhile. SONIC AVENUES were a last minute addition to the show and there couldn't have been a better band added to the line up. They mostly played songs from their new record which will be coming out very soon. These new songs are absolutely amazing. Great riffs and hooks in a modern power pop style without forgetting the energy and intensity of punk rock. Very impressive performance and I'm looking forward to them coming back when the record's out. URANIUM COMEBACK killed as I expected them to but was very surprised when they opened their set with a new song. I've said it before and I'll keep saying it but it's amazing/embarrassing that a band that isn't even a "real" band is better than most bands in this city. THE WHITE WIRES put on an amazing show and looked really comfortable on stage. They played a few songs from the lp as well as a lot of the new songs they recently recorded. These new songs are absolutely amazing and I can't wait for the rest of them to be released. The new "Pretty Girl" b/w "Goodbye Girl" will have to suffice for now.


This is funny.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


THE WHITE WIRES just got back from Memphis. They return with copies of their new single "Pretty Girl" b/w "Goodbye Girl" on the TROUBLE IN MIND record label based out of Chicago. They've also brought back copies of the repress of the 1st lp which came out on Atlanta's own DOUCHEMASTER records with a slightly altered sleeve which I think looks amazing.

They'll have copies of both of these records at the show on SATURDAY!

Here's a video of them playing "I Remember How" in Memphis as part of GONERFEST 6

White Wires GonerFest 6 from Wes Williams on Vimeo.

Monday, September 28, 2009

This Week....

Wednesday Sept 30th

TV GHOST (In The Red Records, Indiana)



October 1st


10 PM



THE WHITE WIRES (7" release show! LP re-press release show!)
URANIUM COMEBACK (Ottawa's best recluse band!)


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Record Show!

Go check this out today!!!!!!! It'll be a great time!

Friday, September 25, 2009

"I don't want to go to work today...."

Last night was an absolute blast! ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY had an amazing show courtesy of YEAR ZERO and a secret surprise set by Minneapolis' OFF WITH THEIR HEADS who had opened for BOUNCING SOULS/YOUTH BRIGADE ealrlier in the evening. A huge thanks to everyone who helped out with the show. It is much appreciated.

YEAR ZERO absolutely KILLED it. Despite having a fill-in drummer for this show, they sounded absolutely amazing and are definitely sounding way more confident and powerful. I'm through trying to pinpoint what they sound like. What matters is that they're a really great band and a lot of different can appreciate their sound. Check out their tape on BRUISED TONGUE and keep an eye for future releases.

OFF WITH THEIR HEADS finally showed up after the BS/YB show wrapped up to a pretty full bar and a bunch of excited people. They basically stepped out of the van and straight onto the stage and despite Ryan being sick, they absolutely destroyed. They played four songs to start then basically played any song that people requested. I heard pretty much every song I would want to hear so I was happy.

Here's a video of them playing I AM YOU. It's not the best quality since it's taken from a phone but it gives you an idea nonetheless.

Thanks to Jordy for the video and for all the help with the sound.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Halloween comes 30 days early!

Get ready to have your face blown off and your body ripped in half because we're getting paid a visit by TIMMY VULGAR who you may know from his old band the CLONE DEFECTS. HUMAN EYE play insane punk that sounds like nothing else going on these days. They pretty much epitomize the "weird punk" tag that's been flying around lately.

They are going to be accompanied with another band from Detroit called TERRIBLE TWOS who play much more straightforward punk compared to Human Eye but don't let that fool you. These guys are definitely putting out some pretty cool sounds and definitely keep things interesting and don't sound like your run-of-the-mill "garage" punk band. Wild punk with some crazy synth lines that are designed to make you lose your mind.


10 PM

Thanks to Dan for the poster!

Here's what an actual "writer" has to say about HUMAN EYE:

"With the triumphant release of their second full-length album on Hook or Crook Records this month, Detroit's Human Eye have re-emerged as one of the world's last real examples of avant garde punk music, and retain their status as the yardstick by which all real rock'n'roll weirdness should be measured. As far back as 2004, these oblique creatures of the darkest, most unlit spaces in the universe have carved out their very own caveman-cum-alien formula of sickening science fiction sounds. Withstanding lineup changes and label rearrangements, they've succeeded in baring the frayed edges of their own sanity and creating something truly awe-inspiring with each successive release. Although it was evident at the closing of the Clone Defects' tenure of domination, lead lunatic Timmy Vulgar had too much erratic energy and mongoloid moxie to stay dormant for long, and after a mind-blowing debut LP on In The Red, and the subsequent 7"s on Ypsilanti, Cass, and Disordered devolved the band into a glob of artistically explosive guts and entrails, their efforts at finding a new home for their controlled insanity have now come to fruition, and we can all breathe easier. With Sir Vulgar's deeply demonic bellow in full swing, Human Eye's cavalcade of boundary-defying sound construction lifts off and streaks across the sky with serrated rhythms not right for this world. And along with the doom-laden disasterously disemboweling synthesizer squeal, it works together carefully to crack your closed mind back open, just as it should. As one of the most theatric bands on stage in America, Human Eye rival the Alice Cooper stage show without much competition, and even with dead mollusks, fish guts, and squid ink aside, they are as inimitable as ever in their current state, and remain untouchable within the confines of a typical rock show spectacle. But just as you could say that the theatrics are aimed at distracting you from their own guttural punk dimension, the other-worldly songs forged out of broken light bulb pieces and the slime from expired lunchmeat does wonders to the unaffected brain and causes tiny lesions that absorb all the filth and dementia uttered from Vulgar's tortured trachea and reinforce the fact that Human Eye are undoubtedly one of the cornerstones of unique modern music. Blazing their own path has never been the easiest route, and their method may never transpire the outer regions of the wrong wave, but they have never needed any ulterior motivation to do their biding and it's without any restraint that we wholly recommend their worldly droppings, in every state of recorded medium. Pick up your copy of Fragments of the Universe Nurse on LP or CD direct from Hook or Crook and revel in the off-centered true oddity that is one of the Midwest's most precious resources, the living nightmare that is Human Eye."

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tell me what you want to hear...

A big THANKS to Pierre and Craig from BRUISED TONGUE and everyone else who resides at LEAKY PIPES. The show last night was absolutely amazing. There must have been something in the air last night but every single band that I saw played and sounded better than ever. There were a lot of new faces there and a lot of people in general. There were absolutely no problems with the authorities or otherwise so it was definitely another success.

Unfortunately I only caught the last minutes of GET A LIFE LOSERS but I saw enough to know that I'd like to check them out in the future. SAVAGE CRIMES played next and tore through their set WITHOUT any technical difficulties which boggled my mind. Apparently limiting your alcohol intake before playing enables you to play better.

FUCKED CORPSE played next and absolutely DESTROYED. The room was packed and they opened up with DENIM OUTTA HERE and the room exploded. They played about 4 songs that were all upbeat and loud and wild and noisy and full and powerful. I feel that with this set they really achieved what they're going for and they finally nailed it right on the head. Loud noisy punk with some pop melodies floating around in there that sounds perfect in a crammed living room. The set was made even more intense due to the fact that the crowd was getting pretty wild and were flying all over the place knocking band members into their amps and spilling beer everywhere. CRAIG was an intense frontman and was returing the favor by springing right back up into people's faces with his shirt off like a skinny Rollins.

HOLY COBRAS came up next and were much better than they were at Leaky Pipes a few weeks ago. I think recording in Montreal really help them get tighter. The new line-up is really starting to come together and the new songs are now more cohesive. They opened with "Mama Jihad" from the Make Pyramids tape and then played a few new songs that were sounding really good. I'm really liking the song "Drug Store" and I love the line "evil is up not down" being repeated over and over and over at the end of one the new songs.

Montreal's GRAND TRINE played next and I wasn't sure what to expect. I had been told before that their live show is really good and sounds completely different than their recordings. I wasn't really a fan of their side of the HOLY COBRAS split tape that BRUISED TONGUE put out. I went in a skeptic but came out a believer. They have a new drummer, they don't use any delay on their vocals and they just plain rip. Fast punk rock songs with 70's psych riffs thrown in and some of them had saxophone in them as well. Their songs are fast and straightforward enough to get you excited but interesting enough to keep you from getting bored. Thrown in a cover of "Over the Edge" and you've got a set that has convinced me of their live show. I'm curious to see what their next recording sounds like before I fully pledge my allegiance. They have a 12" coming out on DIVORCE RECORDS so keep an eye out for that.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


This Sunday!!!

North Lincoln (Grand Rapids, MI/ No Idea Records)

MadCowboys (Calgary, AB Punk)

Junior Battles (Toronto, ON Punk)

The Valveenus (Orleans Mother Folkers)

Jon Creeden

Cafe Deckuf
8 dollars
8 pm.

Check it out. North Lincoln are a really cool band from Michigan who I saw play in the basement of End Hits a few years ago and they were really great. Check them out!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Saturday's kids...

There's a bunch of things going on this Saturday so get ready.

First off there's the second BRUISED TONGUE RECORDS showcase. The first one went down a couple of months ago at Irene's and this one is going down at BTHQ a.k.a. LEAKY PIPES.

Here's what the head honchos have to say:

"GRAND TRINE (Montreal/Alien8/Bruised Tongue/Campaign for Infinity/Divorce Records)

Heavy Psyched-out Space Thrash for fans of The Stooges/Wipers/Chrome. 2nd show with new drummer and SAX player. Ex-members of Be Bad and Fucked Corpse. Split with Holy Cobras out now on Bruised Tongue! 12" on Divorce Records coming soon.


SUPER SECRET SURPRISE BAND!! (Ottawa/Bruised Tongue)

Local basement psych freaks!!


FUCKED CORPSE (Ottawa/Bruised Tongue)

Ottawa party weirdos jamming out some jangly fuzzed-out stoner pop to bang a final nail into the summer's coffin. Celebrating their new full-length tape on Bruised Tonuge out now!


GET A LIFE LOSERS (Ottawa/2nd Show!!)

2nd show ever!! Skronked-out power-trio feedback punk that took everyone by surprise at the Manx last month. Not to be missed!!


636 SOMERSET ST. WEST (across from Shanghai, near Bronson)


Down in the market there's a a show at the DOMINION TAVERN that features a night of rawk, swampy blues rock and one of my favorite bands in the city. Not necessarily in that order. The bands are GARAGA, THE VISITORS & MISSISSIPPI GROVER, it starts at 10 pm and costs 8 dollars.

If live bands aren't your thing but you're down with hanging out, drinking beer, listening to some good music and maybe dancing a little bit you should check out the second edition of MELTING POT which takes place at the Atomic Rooster.

4 dj's are breaking out their best records to get you moving.

DJ Scott (Ska/Soul/Rock&Roll Soundsystem, Jet Set '68)
DJ Mark (RRPP, Roosters Blues night, Aloha Rm.)
DJ Stephane The Man (Jet Set '68, CHUO's Up For A Downslide)
DJ Whitey (Ska/Soul/Rock&Roll Soundsystem)

There may be a cover charge, I'm not sure but it'lll be a good time for sure.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Euro Trip


Saturday, August 29, 2009


Don't forget SMITH WESTERNS, SUPPOSITORIES & PEACH KELLI POP TONIGHT AT COSGROVE'S!!! 10 pm. 5 dollars. BYOB. Buy records!!!!!!

Terminal GAGA

Here are some reviews of Going Gaga releases from TERMINAL BOREDOM.

Mother's Children "Dance To The Rock'n'Roll Band" 7"
True single from this Ottawa glam-pop outfit. I'm torn as to whether Mother's Children is a cool name or not. I think I like it. "Dance to the..." is definitely a choice A-Side. Total handclap glam with some good and sticky guitar hooks, simple yet emotive lyrics, bell-bottom drumming, a little bit of platform shoe swagger. A song that's probably been written a million times, but they still do it quite a bit of justice. As good as some Apache material, but sans the doobage. Sadly, they flop on the B-Side, which just sounds like bad (Canadian) power-pop. Shame. If they could've pulled a killer flipside off I was ready to drop a Thundermug reference on them, but I'm putting that one back in the holster. Shit! Still, I can't deny that A-Side is really choice.(RK)
(Going Gaga Records //

Suppositories “Moments of Square Violence” LP
Minimal guitar-driven punk dirges that trot along the straight ‘n narrow, most songs with a single central note or slight riff that grooves through the song, bass and rhetorically constipated prose extrapolating in what comes off sounding like a band that sends you to the bar or out for a smoke live. Not much songmanship to speak of. “Wires” is an appealing cut, with its country-leaning harmonization and galloping train-kept-a-rollin’ drums. Moonshine and speed. Girls and cars. Pervish post-hardcore done by guys who drink and have pictures of Poison Ivy in their rooms. “Pink Vee” wins the creepy lyrics award with mention of sucking some lucky lady’s “pink jellybean,” right before a fabulous Casio tangent. (BG)
(Going Gaga Records //

The White Wires "Girly Girly Girly" LP
When wading through innumerable layers of artificial reverb and mysterious rattling white noise whilst giving whoever’s manning the mouse the benefit of the doubt in their inability to give a simple riff precedence over that coveted perfect ambiance in the stratum of bedroom-produced no-budget cheetos-on-the-geetar-strings ____-gaze (you fill in the blank, I don’t keep track) becomes as disgustingly commonplace as it has, it’s great that there’s some bands stepping back and laughing just like any sensible human would if not for the gradual maturation of said phenomenon. Is that one-man synthtacular insect-vox shit you’re listening to really punk? Eh? I have my doubts. White Wires ain’t exactly my ideal sort of band, but it sounds like they’re by far the torch-bearers of flipping that masturbating-to-ambiguity rationale on its head while succeeding at it, and for that I salute them. Some of their song titles (“Girly Girly Girly,” “Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah,” “Ha Ha Holiday”) may indicate their priorities in blatantly pop-infused ‘60s-garage-meets-‘90s-budget-rock, and their plastic shades n’ Converses definitely don’t dig ‘em out of that ditch, but God damn do they know how to write a catchy song. And they don’t bog it down with anything unnecessary, which I think is the key. Completely pop-infused numbers that have this great jangle to them – just the right amount of bass, treble and assertive drumming in the production, birthing some of the most infectious head waggers of recent memory. I guess I’m patting their backs a tad harder than I should be, but it’s fucking refreshing to see such reverence for songwriting in an age of aura being atop the pedestal. Good songs, good sound, good record. (BG)
(Going Gaga Records //

Monday, August 24, 2009


A couple of bands have been added to the show at LEAKY PIPES on wednesday...

THE BEACH BLANKETS will be playing what may be their last show since ANDREW will be moving back to Calgary the next day. Good luck to him in all his ventures. I will definitely be bummed out that I won't be able to see ZEBRASSIERES on a regular basis anymore.

Montreal's "space-wah freakout jammers" FUTENSIL have also been added to this show so the line-up is now

THE WICKED AWESOMES (Edmonton/Psychic Handshake Records)


ULTRATHIN (Montreal/Campaign For Infinity)


HOLY COBRAS (Ottawa/Bruised Tongue/Telephone Explosion Records)


BEACH BLANKETS (Ottawa/Ex-Holy Cobras, members of Mother's Children & Zebrassieres)


FUTENSIL (Montreal/Psychic Handshake Co-conspirators)


636 SOMERSET ST. WEST (across from Shanghai, near Bronson)

ALSO, PEACH KELLI POP has posted a brand new song called "DO THE EGG ROLL" which you should listen to and practice your dance moves to for the big debut show with THE SMITH WESTERNS on friday night!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

All my friends ARE assholes!

THEE MALE NURSE has posted 2 brand new songs that will be on the BRUISED TONGUE tape that's coming out in a couple of weeks. They sound really really good and I'm sure this tape will be even better than the last one. "My friends are all assholes" is an upbeat party starter while "Boxes" is a slow acoustic number. Davey's got some good things to offer so make sure you take him up on it.

Here's a neat little video for a song from his first tape.

Davey's label mates YEAR ZERO also just released their tape last week at ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY opening for STATUES. Their set was their best by far and the first one featuring vocals by Dave Williams. Check out the "NO TONGUE FOR EROS" tape. It's got a nifty cover and 9 songs of upbeat catchy punk rock.

Those BRUISED TONGUE boys have been really busy and are churning out tons of tapes all over the musical map. They've got their thing dialed and are doing really well. I'm proud of these guys. Even the OTTAWA CITIZEN is catching on to these crazy kids!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Shows, Records, Pizza, Punk, Friends & Fun!!!!

Holy Crap! Tons of stuff has happened. Tons of stuff is on it's way. It's almost too much to handle. Let me let you in on what's to come.


This show means nothing to me since I didn't live in Ottawa circa early 2000's but I'm sure a lot of people will be pumped for this...

Crankenstein hasn't played in over 5 years and will feature an all-original lineup from some point in time or another: Corey Shimon on Drums, Clayton Dobson on Bass, Ben Hurlow on Guitar, and Scott O'Connell Singing.

Crankenstein and Obscene Bastards at BELL ST HOUSE (62 Bell St. N) FREE!

Afterwards you can head to Babylon for BOOZEDAY featuring STEPH THERIEN of UP FOR A DOWNSLIDE radio program. Expect some yéyé, afro-funk-rock, surf, garage, boogaloo, french post-punk new wave and more! Starts at 10 pm.



are the definitely the band who's played the most ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTIES. There is a reason for that. They are awesome, they know how to have fun and they know how to party.

They will be playing with their friends from Moncton, THE KAMALAS. They are a punk rock band and their name is a reference to a SCREECHING WEASEL song so you can guess what they sound like.

Atomic Rooster (303 Bank St) 10 pm



DERANGED & P.TRASH RECORDS are releasing the first Sedatives full-length so we're throwing a party with fellowing label mates BRUTAL KNIGHTS who are coming from Toronto to really get the party going on. If you have yet to see one of their legendary live shows you aren't going to want to miss this one. GERM ATTAK will be opening the show and will bring on their full punk rock assault.

with BRUTAL KNIGHTS and GERM ATTAK at Babylon (317 Bank St.) 10 pm/$8/19+


The boys from BRUISED TONGUE RECORDS and the LEAKY PIPES gang present:

(Edmonton/Psychic Handshake Records)

A lexicon of stellar punk, garage, psych, art rock and new wave influences. Think of the Black Lips playing "Daydream Nation"-era Sonic Youth filtered down through Devo. Touring in support of their new LP on Psyhchic Handshake!!

ULTRATHIN (Montreal/Campaign For Infinity)

Montreal pumps out another brilliant heavy psych-punk power-trio, and they're back in town to tear us another new one!! Their new Campaign for Infinity, two-sided single "Endless Summer II" is the banger of the summer, and their new lineup with Mark from Wax Attic is a force to be reckoned with.

(Ottawa/Bruised Tongue/Telephone Explosion Records)

Spaced-out delay dripped punk that sounds like Chrome and Spacemen 3 getting pounced on by a 7 foot tall bass player and a hot babe drummer. Who knows what the hell they'll do this time???? New split with Grand Trine on Bruised Tongue OUT NOW!!!

636 SOMERSET ST. WEST (across from Shanghai, near Bronson)



Davey has this to say about it:

"Hey guys and gals.. it's that time again. 6 months has gone by without a release for Male Nurse, so I've got another one coming out on the 28th! Friday, august 28th that is, at Irene's where i will be releasing my NEW ALBUM "Everything's amazing, Noone's Happy" on BRUISED TONGUE records.

Also playing will be ROFL (the gaycorn) and UNCLE CAT (Russian Klezmer band)


The show is at IRENE'S and starts at 1o pm.

Afterwards you can clang-a-lang down Bank street to the opposite end of the city for the last Ska/Soul/Rock&Roll of the Summer Patio season at BRIXTON'S.


SMITH WESTERNS first came to Ottawa as NOBUNNY's openers and backing band. They surprised a lot of people with their amazing garage fuzz pop which conjures the spirit of BRIAN JONES, BRIAN WILSON, MARC BOLAN and PHIL SPECTOR. Their lp on HOZAC RECORDS will definitely be on many lists as best record of the year.

SUPPOSITORIES are going to be delivering a brand new 7" at this show. 4 blasts of mini.malist punk that will blow your brain with an amazing sleeve designed and printed by Kenny James of Mother's Children.

PEACH KELLI POP will be playing for the first time ever. This is ALLIE from the WHITE WIRES solo project with a backing band which features many familiar faces. If you caught her surprise song at the Mother's Children 7" release party, you know that this promises to be something great. Definitely do not miss this.

Saturday August 29th
Cozzie's Cavernous Castle
854 Bronson
10 pm

This is someone's house. Don't be a dick.

So that's a lot of stuff for you to during the last two weeks of August. There's a bunch of new records being released and cool out of town bands coming to town so do your best to catch as much as you can.