Wednesday, December 3, 2008

a word to the wise


on another note - THE HAVOCS from SUDBURY are coming back. this band features the HOULE BROTHERS who comprise the rhythm section of a little band called STATUES. you may remember when they played at ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY in late december and the bytown tavern was packed WAAAAY over capacity and they played a set of great songs interspersed with covers by the likes of BUZZCOCKS, THE JAM, THE CLASH, THE WHO, etc. etc. etc. well, this time around they're coming to BABYLON on DECEMBER 12th. they will be joined by the elusive URANIUM COMEBACK. these gentlemen have played 2 shows so far and are ready for round 3! if you missed their set at RRPP during the GAGA WEEKEND or at PUNK ROCK KARAOKE, they are an amazing band and a force to be reckoned with. great catchy songs with amazing vocal harmonies which is what you'd expect from a line-up comprised of ex-members of MILLION DOLLAR MARXISTS and current members of SEDATIVES & MOTHER'S CHILDREN. they've done covers by POINTED STICKS & THE REPLACEMENTS and their sound lies right around that territory. catchy punk rock with more of a rock twist. there might be another band playing too. there will be dj's. there will be fun.

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