Tuesday, December 2, 2008

what am i doing?!?

there's been a lot of exciting things going on in the last couple of weeks that i should recap.

PUNK ROCK KARAOKE II went down and it was pure insanity. a mixed up MOTHER'S CHILDREN line-up played a bunch of u.k. punk songs which was awesome.

unfortunately the original MISFITS band canceled last minute but luckily THE MISCLITS stepped up with an hour's notice and did a handful of songs and allowed all the people who signed up to sign MISFITS songs a chance to show off their stuff.

it all ended with a bunch of the guys from THE FUCKING MACHINES closing the night off with a bunch of 80's american hardcore songs.

it all ended with 4 BLACK FLAG songs and things got a little nutty.

thanks to jessica g. for the videos!!!

the next night was the HOLY COBRAS tape release show at the ROCKER ROOM. THE BEACH BLANKETS opened and they were really great. picture 50's rock played by punk kids with a pinch of the frat boy party atmosphere of early LICENSED TO ILL-era BEASTIE BOYS if that makes any sense. they are definitely a new band to look out for and hopefully they'll be playing more shows in the future. it was my first time really seeing HOLY COBRAS with their new line-up and i thought they sounded really good and i'm interested to see what else these guys come up with as they continue.

this saturday was THE WHITE WIRES lp release and it was an amazing time. unfortunately i missed some of THE VISITORS' set. it's no secret that i love this band and i think they're great every time i see them but they were exceptionally fierce that night. SCHOOL JERKS from toronto played next and i thought they were amazing. they played quality early 80's hardcore influenced songs with barely any time to breathe between songs. THE WHITE WIRES ended it all off with a bang. they hadn't played since july 1st and a lot of people were anticipating this set. they definitely delivered and no one left disappoint as they tore through most of the songs from their lp and one CONNIE FRANCIS cover. the turn out for this show was exceptional and i highly urge everyone to pick up a copy of their record either from the local record stores or from them the next time they play.

LUKE NUCLEAR and I are starting to dj at the ROCKER ROOM every friday night starting this friday. if you want to come hang out and listen to us spin some tunes come on down. some nights we'll have bands too such as the 19th when we'll be hosting HORSES and WORLD WAR I who are both from toronto/halifax. if anyone was at the STATUES/VANCOUGAR show you probably saw HORSES play a few of their songs as well as back up MALCOLM BAULD. they play that kind of upbeat indie meets folk meets country kind of stuff. i don't know how to describe or what genre it is but i like it. WORLD WAR I has members of HORSES but they are doing something more in the WIPERS meets WARSAW vein which i am calling POST POST-PUNK PUNK. there'll be more info on that to come later.

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