Sunday, December 14, 2008


OTTAWA is truly lucky to have such a great scene these days with so many amazing bands. one of the more elusive ones is URANIUM COMEBACK. these guys played their 3rd show ever on friday night and they were incredible. their songs are so catchy they are going to be stuck in my head for weeks. if you still haven't seen these guys do yourself a favor and go see them next them they play. the bad news is that it probably won't be for a while but the good news is that next time they play they'll be playing a bunch of new songs. the only way to hear them right now is to track down their rehearsal videos that are up on a certain video sharing site. do your research.

record news...
SEDATIVES started recording our full-length this weeked. THE VISITORS are putting the finishing touches on their 7" that is going to be out on HOUSE PARTY RECORDS out of halifax. the label is run by GER who is the genius behind the ROCKET TO RUSSIA radio program which rules. THE CREEPS "THESE WALLS" 7" will hopefully be out some time in the early new year. fingers crossed. knock on wood. it's coming out on BLACK PINT RECORDS. speaking of which i don't think i ever mentioned that there was an interview with these guys on the RAZORCAKE website as conducted by DAVE WILLIAMS (SEDATIVES/FUCKING MACHINES). you can read the interview here.

upcoming events...

thursday december 18th - LAST ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY OF THE YEAR!!!! it's the last one in 2008 so make it special. we've invited down our good friends THE NYMPHETS to come help us go out with a bang. Bytown Tavern. 10 pm/free/19+

friday december 19th - RAMPAGE w/ special guests HORSES & WORLD WAR I. Rocker Room (basement of James St Pub). 10 pm/$3/19+

tuesday december 23rd - FUCKING MACHINES & CRITICAL CONVICTIONS. Bytown Tavern. 10 pm/$?/19+

friday december 26th - RAMPAGE w/ special guest dj IAN MANHIRE (THE WHITE WIRES/SEDATIVES/GOING GAGA) Rocker Room. 10 pm/free/19+

if you're a facebook nerd you should join THE CAPITAL DISTRACTION group to get all the updates and invites for the events we put on. HERE.

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