Monday, December 29, 2008


so i just came back from a little HA-HA-HOLIDAY out to cottage country and had marvelous time. unfortunately i had to miss out on IAN guest dj'ing at RAMPAGE on the 26th but i hope it was amazing.

a lot of people came out and had a great time at the FUCKING MACHINES/CRITICAL CONVICTIONS show except for JO came out and had a great time but then got attacked and had his thumb bitten and is now facing months of medical procedures to make sure he doesn't have rabies! good luck! other than that, the show ruled and the bands killed it. i am powerless against the opening riff to NERVOUS BREAKDOWN. it's a pavlovian thing i think.

i was surfing around and went to check out RAZORCAKE's website and what am i greeted with? an interview with my good pal DAVE WILLIAMS!!!! check it out HERE! CONGRATS!

anyone that still has an gusto left after new year's eve should come down to the basement of james st pub on the 2nd for the first RAMPAGE of 2009.

see you next year.

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