Monday, November 17, 2008

position 1. position 2.

SUPPOSITORIES had their record release show on thursday at ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY. SAVAGE CRIMES opened up the show. i thought it was the best they've ever played and recording with IAN from SUPPOSITORIES clearly help them up their game. the two new songs they played are definitely my favorites from them and i'm waiting to hear a lot more great songs from these guys. SUPPOSITORIES killed it as well and i highly suggest grabbing a copy of their MOMENTS OF SQUARE VIOLENCE EP. if you still don't have a record player, you better buy one cause a lot of bands are putting out records these days and they're probably all going to be on vinyl so deal with it.

the new issue of STANDARD ISSUE was also released out into the wild that night. i think it's one of the best issues yet. the cover boldly claims that it's the FINAL ISSUE but i'm curious if it's disgusting corpse will rise again!

saturday night THE VISITORS, THE LEFTOVERS, THE PG-13'S & THE ROMAN LINE played at DEKCUF. i missed the first two bands because we were busy listening to new MASSHYSTERI record and listening to the tracks from THE CREEPS new ep twice but THE LEFTOVERS played a great set which opened up with a cover of CHEAP TRICK's "HELLO THERE". i'm not really familiar with that band but it was an entertaining set nonetheless. THE VISITORS were sloppy but great. sloppy in the sense that they had to start almost every song twice due to miscommunication or forgetting what key a song is in or whatever reasons/excuses they have but once the songs kicked in, they were great. a couple of new songs that i hadn't heard yet since i missed their last couple of shows were played, much to my delight. SOUTH FOR THE SUMMER is a hit for sure and i assume it will appear on THE VISITORS 7" that is being put out by the one and only GER HUBLEY of ROCKET TO RUSSIA fame. i can't wait to get my hands on that thing!