Monday, November 10, 2008

holy crap!!!

THE GOODNIGHT LOVING show was absolutely amazing. definitely one of the best bands to grace RRPP and such great guys too! it was great to see a lot of people up front enjoying the band and buying records. they were really happy with the show!

this weekend SEDATIVES went on our first wild weekend trip and it was amazing. hanging out with STATUES in SUDBURY on friday was a great time. the TOWNEHOUSE was bumping!
check out the SEDATIVES BRO-DOWN at 1:50. nerds!

the next night was in TORONTO's insane punk rock lair the BAD CAVE where we played with SCHOOL JERKS, BAD SKIN & HATED. kids were flipping out and destroying the ceilings and each other. it was wild! SUNDAY ended in MONTREAL with an amazing lineup of CASTAVETS, CRITICAL CONVICTIONS, ULTRAVIOLENCE RAY, THE OMEGAS & STATUES. it was a really great show although sparsely attended.

a lot of cool stuff is coming up that should get you excited like the HOLY COBRAS cassette release party and THE WHITE WIRES lp release!!!!!!! holy shit! it's finally coming out.


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