Sunday, October 26, 2008

no time no time no time for links...

the VANCOUGAR/STATUES show turned out to be a great night with a really great turn out for a tuesday night! all the bands were great and despite a few technical difficulties it was a great night!

there's some cool stuff coming up with HALLOWEEN right around the corner.

on thursday night THE KIDS are flying over from belgium to blow some minds and if that wasn't enough BRUTAL KNIGHTS are playing with them. throw a couple of great locals GERM ATTAK and CRITICAL CONVICTIONS and you've got a recipe for an amazing show.

if you still feel like partying afterwards head on down to the bytown for ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY!

the next night is HALLOWEEN so there's a lot of stuff going on. the long running HALLOWEEN HARDCORE will be a great time with BURIED INSIDE, THE CREEPS, FUCK THE FACTS, BRIGHTS, TODAY I CAUGHT THE PLAGUE & ALASKAN destroying babylon. it's an early show with doors opening at 5 pm. you'll probably want to buy tickets or get there early because it'll will possibly sell out.

that shit will be done EARLY. so you can head on down to BRIXTON'S for a special halloween edition of SKA, SOUL, ROCK N' ROLL. as long as they play the MONSTER MASH, i'm down. this shit is free!

speaking of which there's also a party in centretown at MONTGOMERY LEGION HALL. THE FLAPS are playing and there's a bunch of dj's dj'ing such as LUKE NUCLEAR, dj NATHANIEL, dj C.VIRILITY and a bunch more. like i said, as long as they play the MONSTER MASH, i'm down. shit costs 5 bucks.

on saturday the 1st, THE NYMPHETS return to ottawa to play the BYTOWN BLACKHEARTS fundraiser with THE SUPPOSITORIES, THE MISCLITS & FOOLS LIKE YOU. it's at the BYTOWN. 8 pm $5.

Monday, October 20, 2008

sitting here waiting for something to happen

back in august THE CHARLATAN ran a little piece about things to do in the city which included a bit about ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY. i was interviewed about it in the summer but didn't bother to find out if it ran or not recently.

here's the portion about RRPP...

"Who doesn't like partying with their friends, listening to music and eating pizza?" said 'Skid Vicious," an Ottawa-area DJ.

According to Vicious, this is the idea behind the Rock 'N Roll Pizza Party, thrown every Thursday night at 10 p.m. at the Bytown Tavern at 292 Elgin Street. The main event takes place in the basement of the Bytown and features live DJs and local bands, cheap drinks and, of course, free pizza.

The weekly party has proven to be very successful since its birth in the winter of 2007.

"It's gotten a really great reaction," said Vicious, who often spins at the party. "There are consistent, big crowds of people coming out."

The party is the brainchild of local DJs Luke Nuclear and B-Rad who felt that there were a lack of local venues playing punk rock, garage and pure rock and roll music.

"It's great for people who are into something different from the Top 40 drivel being blasted out of the speakers at most bars in the city," explained Vicious.

The event was originally held at Babylon, a club on Bank Street, but event co-ordinators felt that the atmosphere of the Byward's basement location was more of the personal, low-key environment that they hoped to create. Vicious said that since the move the party has only grown in popularity and warned that party-goers hoping to grab a slice of free pizza should arrive early.

"You've got to be quick," he said, "because once it shows up people turn into pizza piranhas and will decimate seven pizzas in about two minutes."

friday night was a good time with JAY REATARD coming back to our city again for the second time this year. the set this time wasn't marred by technical difficulties and they just blasted through a bunch of songs for 25 minutes straight. there was more of an emphasis on the tracks from the matador singles but there was still a lot of older songs in there to keep the people who haven't got a hold of the new tracks yet happy.

here's a video of MY SHADOW taken by my brother...

and a couple pictures taken by a wonderful fellow by the name of PIERRE.

you can check out the rest of his pictures here. he doesn't only take pictures. he's also into midnight basement shredding!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

they're coming back!!!

THE NYMPHETS are coming back!!!! you may remember back in may the played a free show at THE MANX with THE WHITE WIRES. the place was packed and it was a great time. they're going to be playing at the BYTOWN TAVERN on november 1st with ottawa's only all-female MISFITS cover band, logically called the MISCLITS! THE SUPPOSITORIES will also be playing along with FOOLS LIKE YOU. GEMINI SIDESHOW will be dj'ing and TIPSY MCSWAGGER will be hosting.

the show is a benefit for the BYTOWN BLACKHEARTS, ottawa's first roller derby team. so come out and support by spending the measly 5 dollars!

Monday, October 13, 2008

it feels like summer in october...

so this weekend ruled really hard! seeing DILLINGER FOUR two nights in a row was great. once to a mostly unresponsive crowd (they were opening for NOFX) and once to people who actually cared. both sets were fun but the second one was much more enjoyable. NOFX was pretty good especially since they dropped THE QUASS/DYING DEGREE, GREEN CORN & PERFECT GOVERNMENT among others. wow. STATUES played the saturday night show and were as great as usual. they even covered LIPSTICK by BUZZCOCKS which is one of my favorites.

STATUES were interviewed by HARDTIMES.CA while they were in montreal.

check out the interview!

don't forget they're playing here on the 21st!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

100th post!

so it's my 100th post. how exciting.

last night, luke and i made these shirts for KEMPTVILLE/OTTAWA hardcore band SMARTMOUTH.

the design is HAND-DRAWN by PASCALE which is awesome. it looks amazing. they're playing a show in KEMPTVILLE on saturday with TRAP THEM and FURNACE and you can pick one of them up there.

i'm pretty happy with how they turned out. if you want some shirts or pins or posters or spiritual guidance, check out FIVE AND DIME and we can help you out.

i'm looking forward to NOFX/DILLINGER FOUR on friday and DILLINGER FOUR/STATUES on saturday in montreal. it's going to rule!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

back porch video

"Back Porch Video was one of the first cable television-based music video programs. It premiered on January 28th, 1984 as the brainchild of Russ Gibb, former owner of the Grande Ballroom in Detroit, Michigan. Gibb is best known as the radio DJ who suggested the Paul is Dead rumor, suggesting that Paul McCartney of the Beatles was actually dead.

Shown out of Westinghouse's Group W Cable studios in Dearborn, Michigan, Back Porch Video stayed on the air for the better part of 16 years.

What made Back Porch Video unique was that it was crewed and hosted primarily by area high-school aged students. The program aired live in Dearborn from 10pm - 1am on Saturday nights, although that was later expanded to 9pm - 1am after about one year of cablecasting. The show was broken up into hour-long segments, each of which was hosted by a different personality (or personality team.) This allowed for the programs to be distributed in hour-long segments to a myriad of other cable systems in the Southeast Michigan area. The program also saw a short run of three programs on Detroit's PBS station, WTVS-TV Channel 56, and won a CableACE award for excellence in 1985.

The musical style favored by most of the hosts was alternative rock, although plenty of pop music, heavy metal, rap and hardcore punk was also shown. Within the first few years of being on the air, Back Porch Video was serviced by most every major record label, as well as dozens of smaller labels and independent video promoters.

Some of the VJ’s from 1989 thru 1992 were, Nicholas “Big Nick” Sawabini, Peter Sawabini, Scott “Mad Dog” Cook, Eric “Gangster o' Love” Gupka, Stacey Corbet, Rebecca Ramirez, Damian Dobez, Bill Russell, Kevin Esser, Alex Garcia, Bryce Miller, Darryl Miller, and David Schroeder."
-taken from wikipedia

if you're bored you should definitely browse through their youtube videos. there's a lot of cool live footage of bands and some music videos you've probably never seen. you have to wade through some crap but there's a lot of cool things in there.

Monday, October 6, 2008


so i missed basically all the shows that went down last week. if anyone wants to write a review of any of them or write anything at all, let me know - ottawaexplosion{at}

WIRE is playing tonight at barrymore's. THE SUPPOSITORIES are opening which is awesome for them since i'm sure they're big fans of the band.

tomorrow night THOMAS FUNCTION is playing with WEAPONS OF MASS SEDUCTION at the dominion. doors are at 9 and i'm not sure how much it is to get in.

THOMAS FUNCTION "filthy flowers"

BARRACUDAS "summer fun"

this video is amazing.