Saturday, August 30, 2008

kids on coffee

sudbury's ULTRA VIOLENCE RAY will be hitting up ottawa on wednesday september 3rd. they must be big BILL STEVENSON fans because they take the hardcore attack of BLACK FLAG and the good clean fun of DESCENDENTS and link them together. also, both of those bands have songs about coffee and so does UV RAY.

here's a video of them covering CALIFORNIA SUN by THE RAMONES.

they're going to be playing with toronto's BAD SKIN who have more of an early 80's hardcore sound to them and two local bands KNIVES AND FORKS FOR FREEDOM and H.O.P.E.
the show is at THE BAYOU. doors at 7:30/$8/AA.

that show and many others are being put on at THE BAYOU by KAVRAN PRODUCTIONS. they've got tons of shows coming up so keep an eye on these guys.

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