Sunday, August 10, 2008

counting change in the checkout lanes

the show last night was a lot of fun. it was a great turn out and a great show. BRIGHTS started their set off with a JAWBREAKER cover which definitely made me very very happy. i hadn't seen them since november and they have chris on drums now which was definitely a good idea. STATUES played next and it was as great as expected. they played a few songs from NEW PEOPLE MAKE US NERVOUS which i think is the record most people are familiar with. if you don't own this record, definitely look into it. they also did a WIPERS cover which is always a good thing. SEDATIVES played next and were pleased with the outcome. we finally got to play a bunch of new songs which felt good. LUKE NUCLEAR spun some records at the end of the night that got some people dancing then it was down the street to party till morning. such a great night.

thanks to everyone who came out. you can see a lot more pictures by PIERRE and a lot more pictures by CAIT. if you missed out or you want to do it all over and don't mind driving a couple of hours, SEDATIVES & STATUES are playing in montreal tonight with THE CONFUSERS. it's going to be a blast, that's for sure.

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M.H. said...

sad i missed this... look at ian! a true wild man!!