Sunday, August 31, 2008

on and on and on and on....

THE CREEPS & THE FELINES have both posted new songs on their respective myspace pages.

THE CREEPS' song is from the "THESE WALLS" 7" which is coming out on the local BLACK PINT record label which also put out their "LAKESIDE CABIN" full-length. (andrew carver photo)

' songs are early mixes of two instrumentals that they recently recorded at THE MEATLOCKER. (paul galipeau photo)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

kids on coffee

sudbury's ULTRA VIOLENCE RAY will be hitting up ottawa on wednesday september 3rd. they must be big BILL STEVENSON fans because they take the hardcore attack of BLACK FLAG and the good clean fun of DESCENDENTS and link them together. also, both of those bands have songs about coffee and so does UV RAY.

here's a video of them covering CALIFORNIA SUN by THE RAMONES.

they're going to be playing with toronto's BAD SKIN who have more of an early 80's hardcore sound to them and two local bands KNIVES AND FORKS FOR FREEDOM and H.O.P.E.
the show is at THE BAYOU. doors at 7:30/$8/AA.

that show and many others are being put on at THE BAYOU by KAVRAN PRODUCTIONS. they've got tons of shows coming up so keep an eye on these guys.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

it takes two....

two shows are going down tonight that you should try to check out.


check that shit out.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

i'm gonna quit this town.

THE WALNUT KIDS were great on thursday. i unfortunately had to leave shortly after their set due to a throat infection. i heard GUNSMOKE were great as usually and it's great those guys are back. you can check out some videos from their touring my checking out their blog.

i was completely out of commission for most of the weekend but was able to drag myself out to catch THE WALNUT KIDS & MOTHER'S CHILDREN play a house party. THE WALNUT KIDS played a great set with a lot of covers thrown in. they covered THE BIG BOPPER, STIFF LITTLE FINGERS, EDDIE & THE HOT RODS and even THE BLACK LIPS. TEENANGER also played but i missed their set. MOTHER'S CHILDREN were great as usual. they're getting tighter and tighter every show. someone really has to release those singles for them.

it was a good time although it was insanely hot in that living room. you haven't partied until you've partied on penicillin, man.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

radio's in motion

i've been doing a radio show at CHUO for a month and a half. it's called WAITING TO BE FORGOTTEN and it airs at every tuesday at 12 pm. the reality being that most people can't listen to the radio at noon on a tuesday i've started to make mp3 files of all my shows. you can download them and listen to them at your convenience. i've already posted episodes 1 through 5 and you can check them out here.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

dance to the rock n' roll band

last thursday MOTHER'S CHILDREN absolutely destroyed the bytown tavern at ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY. they've only played a few shows and they keep getting better and better every time they play.

here's a video of them playing "dance to the rock n' roll band.

LET'S DANCE are clearly in a point of transition between more of a fast punk rock sound and the power pop thing that is really big right now. they have their eyes set on big things but left me indifferent.

two days from now THE WALNUT KIDS from montreal will be playing RRPP along with GUNSMOKE who are back from a month long tour. it'll be a blast.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

let the mother's children dance!

just a reminder that edmonton's LET'S DANCE! and ottawa's own MOTHER'S CHILDREN are playing tonight at ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY. come early to check out a dj set by mike of MOTHER'S CHILDREN. 9 pm/free/19+

saturday night, TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET are playing at MAVERICK'S with THE RIPTIDES, THE SIDEKICKS & CLOCK STRIKES MUSIC. if you're into the world of bands who grew idolizing the RAMONES and SCREECHING WEASEL this is the show for you. 9 pm/$10 advance/$12 door/AA.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

counting change in the checkout lanes

the show last night was a lot of fun. it was a great turn out and a great show. BRIGHTS started their set off with a JAWBREAKER cover which definitely made me very very happy. i hadn't seen them since november and they have chris on drums now which was definitely a good idea. STATUES played next and it was as great as expected. they played a few songs from NEW PEOPLE MAKE US NERVOUS which i think is the record most people are familiar with. if you don't own this record, definitely look into it. they also did a WIPERS cover which is always a good thing. SEDATIVES played next and were pleased with the outcome. we finally got to play a bunch of new songs which felt good. LUKE NUCLEAR spun some records at the end of the night that got some people dancing then it was down the street to party till morning. such a great night.

thanks to everyone who came out. you can see a lot more pictures by PIERRE and a lot more pictures by CAIT. if you missed out or you want to do it all over and don't mind driving a couple of hours, SEDATIVES & STATUES are playing in montreal tonight with THE CONFUSERS. it's going to be a blast, that's for sure.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

i can't stand people

GUNSMOKE has been on tour for a couple of weeks. they've been putting up videos of them out and about all over in canada. you can check them out here. their tour ends in exactly 2 weeks when they play at ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY. they've played RRPP many times and it's always a great time.

opening that night will be THE WALNUT KIDS. i hope you're ready to have a new favorite band because these kids know how to write a catchy tune. they play infectious punk rock that will keep you coming back for more. great riffs and great vocal patterns that are undeniably great. they play sloppily but with passion and that's all that matters. i've been listening to the 3 songs they have up on repeat for a while now.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

yohawks & squirrels

SCOTT of SKA, SOUL ROCK N' ROLL tipped me off to a cool article he compiled regarding OTTAWA GANGS & GARAGE BANDS from the 60's. it's a cool little piece of Ottawa history that you won't be really hearing about when you're taking your bus tour of the city.


Yohawks & Squirrels & Ottawa 60s bands

This garage punker popped up on a youtube feed I have.

Seeing the Sir John A. record label has reminded me that I want to post some info on the 'Yohawks & Squirrels' of Ottawa I'm trying to investigate for kicks along with other Ottawa 60s scene stuff I come across.

A member of my scooter club who'd grown up in the 60s in Ottawa posted a link on Canada Day to this info regarding a band made up of older gentlemen called the Yohawks in Ottawa:

"Before most of you were born there were Yohawks and Squirrels. mmmmm, I still remember my suede desert boots." - Lorne B.
The History of the Yohawks


The story of The Yohawks dates back to the days of the "British Invasion", just before the Summer of Love, and long before commercial radio became formatted for specific music genres and listener demographics. "Back in the day" bands would book four hours of studio time in Montreal (Ottawa didn't have a professional studio then) and record an A side and a couple of B sides, send the master off to the Smiths Falls RCA pressing plant, and hear themselves on CFRA, CKOY, or CJET two weeks later.


In the late sixties, as part of the Five D, an Ottawa band which enjoyed success throughout eastern Ontario, Dave Poulin, Brian Bradfield, Brad Campbell and Keith Richardson formed a lasting friendship that, forty-two years later, has resulted in their first album of fresh, original songs. While each member went on to other musical endeavors after the Five D, it's only now that time and technology has allowed the group to explore their collective creativity without any constraints.


It was appropriate to find a new identity for this project, as the material in no way resembles the "bubble gum" sound of Ottawa's first "boy band". After several attempts at finding a name (some funny, some rude) the band settled on The Yohawks. The name has a special meaning and a history in Ottawa. In the late sixties, a Yohawk was a person who dressed with a certain style; sneakers, desert boots or penny loafers, with a plaid, madras or paisley shirt and tight fitting chinos. On the other side were The Squirrels. With their jet boots, greasy hair and jean jackets they presented a tough fa├žade. This was Ottawa's version of "Mods" and "Rockers", and the first recorded gangs in the city.


Heres a little blurb I came across on google in an Ottawa Police Recommendation:

The phenomenon of street gangs is not new. People who lived in Ottawa in the late sixties and early seventies would be familiar with the Squirrels and the Yohawks, two prominent gangs of that time. From anecdotal accounts, members of these gangs limited their criminal activity to minor property crime and assaults. Members occasionally possessed knives; however, they were seldom if ever used. The rules of engagement for disputes between rival groups were clear; fight involved one on one and when someone was down the fight was over.

I recognized the Yohawk/Squirrel reference because it was mentioned in an article by Ottawa native Jeremy Gluck. Gluck moved to england in the late 70s and was the lead singer in The Barracudas who attained some success with their hit Summer Fun.

Barracudas - Summer Fun:

"Gluck grew up in Ottawa, the capitol city of Canada. But his heart was set on rock an roll, and he knew it wasn’t going to happen in Ontario. He had his teen band phase…the first one was called the New Master Race and the second one was the Yohawks. When asked about these bands, Jeremy recoils as though confronted with a long hidden criminal record.

"Cripes, this really is crass exhumation! What sort of deranged maniac wants to know such things??", he pleads. On my end of the web I give a pitiless shrug. "Look", he says, "Thing is, The Yohawks never existed, well, they did, Ottawa in the late 50s/early 60s there were apparently two gangs, The Squirrels and The Yohawks, that may respectively have been equivalent to Rockers and Mods. When I lived in Toronto my brother and I toyed with forming a band called The Yohawks...we did rehearse "Rumble" a few times. So, anyhow...I liked that name and once submitted a fictional review of a Yohawks album...sadly, it never ran! And I may have credited some obscure 4-track comp contribution to the name."

"The New Master Race thing is from even before that. I recall hitting the high school stage at lunch one day and launching into an impromptu cover of "Dirt" that had the preps and jocks white with being one of the great outcasts of the in-crowd then. So it was pretty much Drop-Out from the beginning...and drop in to REAL ROCK'N'ROLL. We did some great tapes, including one song called "I Got Nothing", that I only found out later, when Kill City was released, that had a doppleganger by the Ig hisself!!

In 1977 Jeremy couldn’t take it any more. He’d wanted to be where the action is for far, far too long. He pulled up stakes in Ottawa and headed to London"

Here is the article:

I mentioned it to a few people after the Canada Day post.

A friend asked her father about the gangs:

"my dad confirmed the existence of the yohawks and the squirrels yesterday. he said they were called the squirrels cause their hair was black and greasy! and the yohawks had long hair and looked like hippies.

there was supposed to be a big rumble at Carlingwood mall, but he doesn't think anything really came of that. neat huh? what would we do without dads to remember all this awesome shit for us?"

Totally, what would we do! My dads unearthed some cool tidbits on the Toronto 60s music scene for me over the past few years.

So far that is the little info I've compiled on the Yohawks & The Squirrels. Judging by the description, the Mods & Rockers comparison seems pretty fitting judging by the uniforms described in the yohawk history article.

Though I can't be sure any of these following groups were theme music for the gangs,
I'll post a few more Ottawa 60s tunes courtesy of tokensurfer, a youtuber who has a great wealth of Canadian garage & pop songs, and contributed many to the Wyld Canada compilation series (comically, according to him that series was created by an native Australian!).

Heres some stuff by the aforementioned Five D - Running Round In Circles

The Esquires - It's A Dirty Shame

The Esquires - Man From Adamo

Staccatos went on to become the Five Man Electrical Band who scored a substantial hit with Signs ( ).

Staccatos - Half Past Midnight

Some surf inspired tunes:
Staccatos - Let's Run Away

I saw this Staccatos LP at a vintage shop and went back to pick it up a few days later but it was gone. If anyone comes across it, let me know, I'd still like a copy.
Staccatos - You Only Die Once

This group, Heart, I'd never heard of until I saw the label browsing Tokensurfers videos:

Heart - Treat Me So Bad

Heart - Help Me Down

Don Norman & The Other Four - Low Man ... super fuzz

Heres a link to more of tokensurfers 60s Ottawa tunes, there are too many to post here:

And a link to an article about The Sir John A. records label:


If anyone has any more info, please let me know.

tonight at 9 pm on CHUO 89.1 FM, UP FOR A DOWNSLIDE will have a special guest dj - IAN MANHIRE of THE WHITE WIRES/SEDATIVES. he'll have a slew of great singles to play for you so make sure you tune in to that.

also if you want to hear exclusive tracks from MOTHER'S CHILDREN tune into WAITING TO BE FORGOTTEN at 12 pm on CHUO. i'll be playing songs that you probably won't get to hear until their record comes out so make sure you tune in cause the songs are amazing. if you can't listen to it live i'm working on creating a downloadable mp3 archive of all my shows which will hopefully be up this week.

Friday, August 1, 2008

crooked fingers

BOG LOG III was great on wednesday night. i wasn't too familiar with him going in but was a believer on the way out. he overcomes the trappings of being the typical one-man band that has a guitar, a bass drum and a snare/hi-hat by having drum samples that he turns on and off with foot switches which allows him to play songs with more speed and intensity then you can with just your two feet. his guitar-playing is absolutely insane and he's an entertaining front man. i'd definitely recommend going to see him next time he's in town.

it's a little over a week until STATUES hits OTTAWA again. i'm really excited. if you're not familiar with the band i'd recommend tracking down the NEW PEOPLE MAKES US NERVOUS record. it is phenomenal.

here's a video of them playing one of the songs off their new CROOKED FINGERS 7".