Friday, July 25, 2008

the supreme genius of.....

tomorrow night is KING KHAN & THE SHRINES at ZAPHOD'S. get ready to get down. they're playing with MAGNIFICENT BUTCHERS who are a new band featuring a bunch of people that have been in a bunch of bands and YOUNG RIVAL from hamilton. don't forget that doors are at 8 pm and show up at 11 pm and the show is already over.

thanks to everyone who came out to ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY last night.

next week we have a guest dj kenny james of MOTHER'S CHILDREN dropping his HOT LOVE all over the place so you won't want to miss that. speaking of MOTHER'S CHILDREN they've also got a BLOG. they're also going to be playing at ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY with LET'S DANCE from edmonton on AUGUST 14th.


stéphane said...

king khan awas awesome, as expected. the band is super tight and kicks ass. tiny stage though. khan made fun of the zaphods crowd all night. "we got 15 minutes left and then it's DJ smashing pumpkins"
they ripped through a cover of the saints "know your product"; dedicated to resin scraper and something about all the great ottawa punk bands. he kept referring to the post-gig with bloodshot bill at the elmdale tavern as happening at the "emerald tavern".

stéphane said...

elmdale house, wellington street, 1 AM?

bloodshot bill was playing when we got there. decent crowd, lotsa dancing, lotsa friends.
when khan joined in on guitar, it turned into a garage/punk/oblivians/crypt records style beatdown. sometimes songs would half finish/start again, still, the crowd went nuts. I danced around and i bought them beers. fucking great cover of "papa oom mow mow".