Monday, July 14, 2008

we're fighting a war we can't win

PUNK ROCK KARAOKE on friday night ended up being an insanely fun time. a huge thanks to all the people in the bands who learned the songs for people to sing along to and to URANIUM COMEBACK for playing an amazing set. thanks to everyone who signed up to sing. things got pretty wild during the BLACK FLAG songs as you can see here. (videos by jess g.)




(photos by craig p.)

saturday night was GUNSMOKE second of two lp release shows. this one was at the dominion tavern with HOLY COBRAS and THE ROOKERS. i missed HOLY COBRAS set which featured a scab rhythm of section. i would say it would be safe to say it was a good set. GUNSMOKE played next and they put on a good set. i still can't get over ben hurlow's effortlessly played blazing leads. THE ROOKERS finished the night off with their street punk OI! style which got some people going. all in all, a good way to cap off a pretty wild week.

if some of you still have some energy left, check out PUNK ROCK MOONDAZE at THE BAYOU. it's free to get in, it's all ages and there's 3 dollar beers. tonight they have THE DIRTY NUNS & THE BOTCHED SUICIDES playing so go check that out.

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None of your business said...

This is really disgusting. Any of you know what punk was about? This is a true sign that it's dead for sure.