Monday, July 28, 2008

KK wrap-up...

i was out of town this weekend so i had to miss the KING KHAN & THE SHRINES SHOW. here's a run down of what went down on saturday night courtesy of STEPHANE.

(photo by andrew carver)

king khan was awesome, as expected. the band is super tight and kicks ass. tiny stage though. khan made fun of the zaphods crowd all night. "we got 15 minutes left and then it's DJ smashing pumpkins"
they ripped through a cover of the saints "know your product"; dedicated to resin scraper and something about all the great ottawa punk bands. he kept referring to the post-gig with bloodshot bill at the elmdale tavern as happening at the "emerald tavern".

elmdale house, wellington street, 1 AM?

bloodshot bill was playing when we got there. decent crowd, lotsa dancing, lotsa friends. when khan joined in on guitar, it turned into a garage/punk/oblivians/crypt records style beatdown. sometimes songs would half finish/start again, still, the crowd went nuts. I danced around and i bought them beers. fucking great cover of "papa oom mow mow".

thanks to STEPHANE for the update on the show. he is the host of UP FOR A DOWNSLIDE a great radio show on CHUO. tune in on tuesday nights at 9 pm to hear great garage, punk and glam tunes. i now have a radio show on CHUO as well. WAITING TO BE FORGOTTEN starts at 12 pm and kicks off an entire day of great radio shows on CHUO. check out a listing of punk rock/indie/metal etc. shows.


st├ęphane said...

i'll listen to your radio show tomorrow!

saturday night was such an amazing time.

i remember so many funny things about Khan...
he could barely contain his seething anger towards the indie-rock crowd at zaphods.

during the last song of his set some random shirtless drunken zaphods-idiot-with-sandals jumps onstage just creaming "wooh!".
i was carefully watching Khan as i knew he would probably flip. he angrily kicked the dude in the back sending him into the crowd (which parted ways) and onto the floor. realising he probably overreacted, khan pulled him back up and hugged him.

i don't know how many cousins Khan has, but a bunch of them were at both shows. bloodshot bill is one of his cousins too.

my friend Math made the posters for the show. we were talkign to Khan outside zaphods before the show and that's when we found out about the gig at the Elmdale. Math told him that the neighborhood around the Elmdale was notorious in the '90s for housing lots of Hell's Angels. Khan kept mentioning that after. On stage he kept saying "we're playing after with bloodshot bill at the emerald tavern where all the hells angels hang out".

... said...

haha. amazing!

i'm bummed out i missed it.

sounds like it was an awesome time.