Friday, July 11, 2008

i made it all the way home.....

there have been a few amazing shows so far this week.

LOVER! played a pretty great set at the dominion on tuesday to a decent crowd considering the day of the week. i walked in during MOTHER'S CHILDREN set and they sounded really good. they had a couple new songs that were awesome. i unfortunately missed SAVAGE CRIMES but i'm sure they put on a killer show.

wednesday night was a night that people will be talking about for years to come. the FUCK YEAH FESTIVAL TOUR invaded MAVERICK'S. the tour included comedian HANNIBAL BURRESS, TEAM ROBESPIERRE, BRUTAL KNIGHTS & the almighty MONOTONIX.

HANNIBAL started the night off and was hilarious. there should definitely be more comedians at shows.

i missed most of TEAM ROBESPIERRE because i was bringing gear back to the practice space but it seemed like people were super into it and they put on a great show.

BRUTAL KNIGHTS were next and didn't disappoint. most people are used to seeing them at basement shows but that feeling was still there since they played on the floor and everyone was crowded around them as usual.

MONOTONIX put on a quite a show. it was unrelenting. the singer was flying all around the room always doing something entertaining. they are a band that you truly have to keep up with. you have to be on your toes to really experience the whole show. if you're stuck at the back you're missing out on a lot of hilarity going down. it was one of those shows where everybody had a smile on their face the entire time especially when the show ended in front of the club and then around the corner of Rideau and Cumberland.

the show last night at ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY was a good time as well. THE STIFF WIRES from london got the night started off with a set of snotty punk rock songs including a FORGOTTEN REBELS cover. THE CREEPS went on next and were amazing. it was embarrassingly enough my first time seeing them and they were great. people were super into them went wild especially during the song "A-BOMB". i've been listening to "ALL THE WAY HOME" over and over as i write this. great song. THE JOLTS from vancouver finished the night off with style. thanks to all the bands and to everyone who came out especially those who donate money to the bands. it is much appreciated.

don't forget about PUNK ROCK KARAOKE tonight at BABYLON. doors are at 10 pm and it's 5 bucks to get in. it will be a fun night.

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