Monday, July 21, 2008

girly! girly! girly!

THE WHITE WIRES have posted the song "girly girly girly" from their upcoming lp. it was recorded by YOGI at THE MEATLOCKER/THE SPACE. i think the recording captures the perfect middle ground between THE WHITE WIRES' lo-fi slop-pop and the bigger sound that YOGI is used to producing coming from his background with THE DOUBLE PUMPERS/TOKYO SEX WHALE/ETC.

i've already listened to this version a dozen times in a row and the older version an insane amount of times and i still think it's the feel-good hit of the summer. it's a perfect mix of EDDIE COCHRAN-esque 50's guitar rock and upbeat power pop/punk rock. the two guitar tracks play the same thing throughout almost the entire song and give it a powerful sound and i love the surf guitar line during the bridge. i can't wait for this record to come out. they have so many new songs that they've been playing at their last few shows that i can't wait to hear recorded. keep your eyes and ears open for the lp to come out on GOING GAGA RECORDS. (photo by paul galipeau)

SKIP JENSEN is performing at ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY on thursday july 24th with HOLY COBRAS. he is from montreal and is an ex-member of DEMON'S CLAWS and SCAT RAG BOOSTERS and now plays as a one-man band..

with a paint-stick taped to one foot, a tambourine to the other and a harmonica and guitar slung around his neck he proceeded to bash out and record some of the most original sounding tunes to be heard in a dog's age. Heavily influenced by the likes of Jesse Mae Hemphill, Doctor Ross and even Hasil Adkins the songs are a mish-mash of blues, punk, rockabilly, folk, bluegrass and rock n' roll. Flat out wailin' and stompin, riled up and volatile; these songs burn! A soul ripped out, soaked in gasoline then thrown on to barbeque to it's right degree of burntness.

HOLY COBRAS have been heading more and more into noisy post-punk territory. just one listen to "he's rubber i'm real" the new song they've put up shows them straying away from their original garage punk type of sound into something dark, noisy, minimal and repetitive with tons of swirling effects and electronics.

it'll be a great show so make sure you come out early and don't miss out on anything. oh yeah, ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY now has a blog.

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