Wednesday, July 30, 2008

i wanna be your friend

MOTHER'S CHILDREN posted this on their blog a couple of days ago...

Mother's children have just completed our first studio demo and are pleased with the product. We recorded with Yogi (Double Pumpers, Ukrainia, Jake Lovetart....etc.) and can happily say that the kids are alright with the collaboration. There should be some songs on our myspace profile shortly, so come by and see Ottawa 's newest (old) band show and tell their take on love, rock, green house gas emissions, big butts and junior high bell curving. Tell a friend because we encourage playing safe and using the buddy system.
they came through with their promise and put up two songs on their myspace. check out "i wanna be your friend" and "dance to the rock n' roll band". the songs are a cross between 60's pop & rock and 70's glam & power pop.

don't miss their show at ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY on august 14th!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

make you say "wow!"

BOB LOG III is playing at babylon on wednesday. get ready for some wild blues and boob scotch. should be a hell of a show.

Monday, July 28, 2008

KK wrap-up...

i was out of town this weekend so i had to miss the KING KHAN & THE SHRINES SHOW. here's a run down of what went down on saturday night courtesy of STEPHANE.

(photo by andrew carver)

king khan was awesome, as expected. the band is super tight and kicks ass. tiny stage though. khan made fun of the zaphods crowd all night. "we got 15 minutes left and then it's DJ smashing pumpkins"
they ripped through a cover of the saints "know your product"; dedicated to resin scraper and something about all the great ottawa punk bands. he kept referring to the post-gig with bloodshot bill at the elmdale tavern as happening at the "emerald tavern".

elmdale house, wellington street, 1 AM?

bloodshot bill was playing when we got there. decent crowd, lotsa dancing, lotsa friends. when khan joined in on guitar, it turned into a garage/punk/oblivians/crypt records style beatdown. sometimes songs would half finish/start again, still, the crowd went nuts. I danced around and i bought them beers. fucking great cover of "papa oom mow mow".

thanks to STEPHANE for the update on the show. he is the host of UP FOR A DOWNSLIDE a great radio show on CHUO. tune in on tuesday nights at 9 pm to hear great garage, punk and glam tunes. i now have a radio show on CHUO as well. WAITING TO BE FORGOTTEN starts at 12 pm and kicks off an entire day of great radio shows on CHUO. check out a listing of punk rock/indie/metal etc. shows.

Friday, July 25, 2008

the supreme genius of.....

tomorrow night is KING KHAN & THE SHRINES at ZAPHOD'S. get ready to get down. they're playing with MAGNIFICENT BUTCHERS who are a new band featuring a bunch of people that have been in a bunch of bands and YOUNG RIVAL from hamilton. don't forget that doors are at 8 pm and show up at 11 pm and the show is already over.

thanks to everyone who came out to ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY last night.

next week we have a guest dj kenny james of MOTHER'S CHILDREN dropping his HOT LOVE all over the place so you won't want to miss that. speaking of MOTHER'S CHILDREN they've also got a BLOG. they're also going to be playing at ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY with LET'S DANCE from edmonton on AUGUST 14th.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

this money is goofy

VIDEOTHING.COM has been following and documenting the FUCK YEAH FESTIVAL TOUR all across NORTH AMERICA. the tour stopped in OTTAWA a couple of weeks ago at MAVERICK'S with MONOTONIX, BRUTAL KNIGHTS and TEAM ROBESPIERRE performing.

check out the video here! you can check out the entire tour by clicking here!

don't forget to come out and see SKIP JENSEN & HOLY COBRAS at ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY tonight!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

girly! girly! girly!

THE WHITE WIRES have posted the song "girly girly girly" from their upcoming lp. it was recorded by YOGI at THE MEATLOCKER/THE SPACE. i think the recording captures the perfect middle ground between THE WHITE WIRES' lo-fi slop-pop and the bigger sound that YOGI is used to producing coming from his background with THE DOUBLE PUMPERS/TOKYO SEX WHALE/ETC.

i've already listened to this version a dozen times in a row and the older version an insane amount of times and i still think it's the feel-good hit of the summer. it's a perfect mix of EDDIE COCHRAN-esque 50's guitar rock and upbeat power pop/punk rock. the two guitar tracks play the same thing throughout almost the entire song and give it a powerful sound and i love the surf guitar line during the bridge. i can't wait for this record to come out. they have so many new songs that they've been playing at their last few shows that i can't wait to hear recorded. keep your eyes and ears open for the lp to come out on GOING GAGA RECORDS. (photo by paul galipeau)

SKIP JENSEN is performing at ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY on thursday july 24th with HOLY COBRAS. he is from montreal and is an ex-member of DEMON'S CLAWS and SCAT RAG BOOSTERS and now plays as a one-man band..

with a paint-stick taped to one foot, a tambourine to the other and a harmonica and guitar slung around his neck he proceeded to bash out and record some of the most original sounding tunes to be heard in a dog's age. Heavily influenced by the likes of Jesse Mae Hemphill, Doctor Ross and even Hasil Adkins the songs are a mish-mash of blues, punk, rockabilly, folk, bluegrass and rock n' roll. Flat out wailin' and stompin, riled up and volatile; these songs burn! A soul ripped out, soaked in gasoline then thrown on to barbeque to it's right degree of burntness.

HOLY COBRAS have been heading more and more into noisy post-punk territory. just one listen to "he's rubber i'm real" the new song they've put up shows them straying away from their original garage punk type of sound into something dark, noisy, minimal and repetitive with tons of swirling effects and electronics.

it'll be a great show so make sure you come out early and don't miss out on anything. oh yeah, ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY now has a blog.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

it's a mix between a grizzly bear and a polar bear.....

on thursday ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY is hosting one of ottawa's newest sensations GRIZZLAR and montreal's fuzzed out rockers DEVIL EYES. GRIZZLAR's first show during the GAGA WEEKEND provided theatrics and costume changes and some catchy tunes.

here's some video of them at their practice space gearing up for their first show.

but be warned because they're heading into a new direction and kind of sound like THIS now...

also on thursday night there's a show featuring skate-trashers ANS (Texas) with Taberfucks (B.C.), End Program (T.O.), Bombed Out!, H.O.P.E @ The Bayou (1077 Bank St.) - AA/7pm/$6

i've heard a lot of good things about the last time ANS played here so it should be a really good show.

there's also a show at IRENE'S on friday with montreal garage rockers SHORTPANTS ROMANCE opening for Dan Gordon & the Sure Things from toronto & Catamaran from vancouver. 9 pm/19+/$5.

Monday, July 14, 2008

we're fighting a war we can't win

PUNK ROCK KARAOKE on friday night ended up being an insanely fun time. a huge thanks to all the people in the bands who learned the songs for people to sing along to and to URANIUM COMEBACK for playing an amazing set. thanks to everyone who signed up to sing. things got pretty wild during the BLACK FLAG songs as you can see here. (videos by jess g.)




(photos by craig p.)

saturday night was GUNSMOKE second of two lp release shows. this one was at the dominion tavern with HOLY COBRAS and THE ROOKERS. i missed HOLY COBRAS set which featured a scab rhythm of section. i would say it would be safe to say it was a good set. GUNSMOKE played next and they put on a good set. i still can't get over ben hurlow's effortlessly played blazing leads. THE ROOKERS finished the night off with their street punk OI! style which got some people going. all in all, a good way to cap off a pretty wild week.

if some of you still have some energy left, check out PUNK ROCK MOONDAZE at THE BAYOU. it's free to get in, it's all ages and there's 3 dollar beers. tonight they have THE DIRTY NUNS & THE BOTCHED SUICIDES playing so go check that out.

Friday, July 11, 2008

i made it all the way home.....

there have been a few amazing shows so far this week.

LOVER! played a pretty great set at the dominion on tuesday to a decent crowd considering the day of the week. i walked in during MOTHER'S CHILDREN set and they sounded really good. they had a couple new songs that were awesome. i unfortunately missed SAVAGE CRIMES but i'm sure they put on a killer show.

wednesday night was a night that people will be talking about for years to come. the FUCK YEAH FESTIVAL TOUR invaded MAVERICK'S. the tour included comedian HANNIBAL BURRESS, TEAM ROBESPIERRE, BRUTAL KNIGHTS & the almighty MONOTONIX.

HANNIBAL started the night off and was hilarious. there should definitely be more comedians at shows.

i missed most of TEAM ROBESPIERRE because i was bringing gear back to the practice space but it seemed like people were super into it and they put on a great show.

BRUTAL KNIGHTS were next and didn't disappoint. most people are used to seeing them at basement shows but that feeling was still there since they played on the floor and everyone was crowded around them as usual.

MONOTONIX put on a quite a show. it was unrelenting. the singer was flying all around the room always doing something entertaining. they are a band that you truly have to keep up with. you have to be on your toes to really experience the whole show. if you're stuck at the back you're missing out on a lot of hilarity going down. it was one of those shows where everybody had a smile on their face the entire time especially when the show ended in front of the club and then around the corner of Rideau and Cumberland.

the show last night at ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY was a good time as well. THE STIFF WIRES from london got the night started off with a set of snotty punk rock songs including a FORGOTTEN REBELS cover. THE CREEPS went on next and were amazing. it was embarrassingly enough my first time seeing them and they were great. people were super into them went wild especially during the song "A-BOMB". i've been listening to "ALL THE WAY HOME" over and over as i write this. great song. THE JOLTS from vancouver finished the night off with style. thanks to all the bands and to everyone who came out especially those who donate money to the bands. it is much appreciated.

don't forget about PUNK ROCK KARAOKE tonight at BABYLON. doors are at 10 pm and it's 5 bucks to get in. it will be a fun night.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

get ready!

a week of insanity is upon us! who will survive and what will be left of them?

JULY 8th - LOVER! (Memphis, featuring members of THE REATARDS & REIGNING SOUND), MOTHER'S CHILDREN & SAVAGE CRIMES @ Dominion Tavern. 19+/10 pm/$7

JULY 9th - Fuck Yeah Festival Tour w/ MONOTONIX (Israel), BRUTAL KNIGHTS, TEAM ROBESPIERRE, SEDATIVES, art from Space 1026, comedians and more @ Mavericks - 19+/8pm/$10

JULY 10th - ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY with THE JOLTS (Vancouver), THE CREEPS, THE STIFF WIRES (london) @ Bytown Tavern - AA/10pm/FREE


JULY 12th - GUNSMOKE, THE ROOKERS, HOLY COBRAS @ Dominion Tavern - 19+/9pm/$5

Monday, July 7, 2008

punk rock karaoke


sign up to sign your punk rock heart out.
email :


rise above : ?

six pack : ?

police story : ?

gimme gimme gimme : ?

tv party : ?


holiday in cambodia : ?

california uber alles : ?

let's lynch the landlord : tyler s


cretin hop : ?

judy is a punk : ian m

suzy is a headbanger : ?

sheena is a punk rocker : ?

oh oh i lover her so : ?

rock n' roll high school : ?


clean sheets : jon b

i'm not a loser : ?

bikeage : dave w & jess g

1) don't sign up if you're going to bail! we'll have a second person signed up for each song just in case but if you bail you're lame.
2) practice your song! you may have been listening to the song for 15 years but it's a whole different story when you aren't singing along to a record.
3) it doesn't matter if you can't sing worth a damn, just don't be boring.


URANIUM COMEBACK will be playing their second show ever. if you missed their set at ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY during the GAGA WEEKEND you better make sure you don't miss this. if you were there, you know that you can't miss this. featuring members of MILLION DOLLAR MARXISTS, MOTHER'S CHILDREN, SEDATIVES, GRIZZLAR they are one of ottawa's best new bands!!!

dj's luke nuclear and skid vicious will be spinning records all night long!!!

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