Sunday, June 29, 2008

pre-canada day bash!

PUNK ROCK MOONDAZE is a weekly punk rock night that goes down at THE NEW BAYOU. it's been going on for about a month now. i haven't been yet but i'm definitely going to check it out this week. if you've never been you should consider going since there is a show going on with THE VISITORS and VANIER SHANK. you can hang out with your friends and listen to punk rock and it doesn't cost you a dime! this is the first time they are having bands play and they plan on doing it every second week so keep your eyes and ears open.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


OTTAWA EXPLOSION is getting back on track right now. the month of june was pretty insane with a lot of stuff going on and without a lot of updates on here. july is shaping up to be pretty insane as well. here's a quick run down of things coming up in the near future.

JULY 1st - FUCKED CORPSE, SPECIAL NOISE (Mtl, for fans of Cap'n Jazz), THE WHITE WIRES, CRAZY OCEAN (Ott/Mtl, mbrs of Wax Attic), TEENAGE LIGHTNING @ 59 Argyle Ave. - AA/5pm/$5

JULY 3rd - ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY @ Bytown Tavern - 19+/10 pm/FREE


JULY 8th - LOVER! (Memphis, featuring members of THE REATARDS & REIGNING SOUND), MOTHER'S CHILDREN & SAVAGE CRIMES @ Dominion Tavern. 19+/10 pm/$7

JULY 9th - Fuck Yeah Festival Tour w/ MONOTONIX (Israel), BRUTAL KNIGHTS, TEAM ROBESPIERRE, SEDATIVES, art from Space 1026, comedians and more @ Mavericks - 19+/8pm/$10

JULY 10th - ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY with THE JOLTS (Vancouver), THE CREEPS, THE STIFF WIRES (london) @ Bytown Tavern - AA/10pm/FREE

JULY 11th PUNK ROCK KARAOKE!!! MORE INFO COMING SOON!!! @ Babylon - 19+/9pm/$5

JULY 12th - GUNSMOKE, THE ROOKERS, HOLY COBRAS @ Dominion Tavern - 19+/9pm/$5

GAGA WEEKEND pt.3!!!!!!!!!!!

here's pictures from night 3 of the GAGA WEEKEND.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

GAGA WEEKEND pt.2!!!!!!!

here's some pictures from night 2 of the GAGA WEEKEND

Monday, June 16, 2008

GAGA WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!

the GAGA WEEKEND was an absolute success. the shows were absolutely amazing and it was an insane amount of fun. huge thanks and praise go to the GAGA MAN himself - IAN MANHIRE.

a lot of the bands put on what i thought was their best performances and there were a couple of brand new bands that definitely impressed the hell out of me.

here's some pictures up from the first night of the weekend.

stay tuned for more pictures from the GAGA WEEKEND!!!