Sunday, May 18, 2008

what's going on?

ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY on thursday was amazing. thanks to everyone who came out and an extra thanks to those who gave a little bit of money to THE ARKHAMS who came all the way from NYC for the show. i didn't really know anything about HOBO but i thought they were really great instrumental surf/garage. even my parents liked it. i thought THE ARKHAMS were great and GUNSMOKE killed it as usual.

this weekend was a much deserved rest from all the great shows that have been going on but ottawa insanity starts up again this week!


on thursday THE FUCKING MACHINES make their triumphant return with their new line-up at ROCK N' ROLL PIZZA PARTY. they're playing with THE ANNOYERS which features KEVO POLO of THE VISITORS hitting the skins and eating hawaiian pizza. if you're into THE RAMONES and THE QUEERS, you'll be into this. 10 pm. FREE.

friday night is the opening of MCNABB SKATEPARK. it's from 5 to 9 pm and it's FREE so come and thrash if you're POSSESSED TO SKATE!!!! i'll be providing tunes to thrash by. afterwards head down the street to the CRITICAL CONVICTIONS cassette release party with CASTEVETS from montreal, THE VANISHING ACT and THE DIRTY NUNS. this is going down at A & A SPEED SHOP at 7pm for a mere $5. so go and pick up the CRITICAL CONVICTIONS tape!!!

after you're done garage sale-ing in the glebe on saturday head on down to SOUNDS UNLIKELY to check out THE DEAD SCIENCE and KINGDOM SHORE. i don't know anything about THE DEAD SCIENCE but KINGDOM SHORE features MARK MOLNAR who is the man behind all the string arrangements on the BURIED INSIDE records. he may play the cello but it's definitely not mellow. it's at 7:30 pm and costs $8.

you can also go to CAFE DEKCUF to see HOLY COBRAS, THE SUPPOSITORIES, SAVAGE CRIMES and the great unveiling of MOTHER'S CHILDREN which is the new band featuring members of SICK FITS and MILLION DOLLAR MARXISTS. don't forget to pick up your copy of the HOLY COBRAS cassette if you haven't done that already. 9 pm. $5. 19+.

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